Our Christmas Decorations

December 11, 2014

I’m known for being one of those people that decorates for Christmas way earlier than anyone else. I’m also known for being very particular.
I don’t go in for any of these white or black trees, only a green tree will ever set foot in my house. None of this upside down nonsense either. The theme is always red and gold with a few sort of rustic or traditional looking things added in.

My tree takes hours to assemble and thats before the decorations get anywhere near it. This year, we have decided to start a tradition of each picking a new bauble to hang. A lot of our baubles are one offs anyway and we don’t mind spending the money on them, knowing they will be looked after and reused every year, so having a new one each is something to look forward to buying and we can also each hang our own ones and pick a spot for them.

This year, Liam chose this woodland stag scene flat bauble. You can’t see it here but it also has a fair amount of glitter on the back that sparkles through.DSC_0969
I chose a flat bauble too but went for this sort of traditional Victorian image of Santa delivering gifts.

And Dexter chose this sweet little straw reindeer.  I love its little Antlers made of sticks. Its a shame it tends to keep walking off the tree though. Hopefully next year he’ll be better and leaving the decorations alone but I don’t mind really, It’s all new and exciting, I can’t blame him for touching really!DSC00295
He also picked up this singing Rudolph with a light up nose while we were in the shop. He was so cute with it, I couldn’t tell him no – and luckily he still carries it around, almost 2 weeks later. It will go away each year with the decorations and he can love it all over again when it comes back out.

We have a couple of other special decorations on the tree but none are more special than this one. Its a photo of my sister. She was as mad on Christmas as I am so its only right she still gets to be a part of our christmas, even though she isn’t here in body to celebrate with us. My tree wouldn’t be complete without her. This one is definitely kept out of the reach of little fingers.

Our stockings this year have been hung on the stairs as we’ve changed the living room around slightly. The Santa one is Liam’s as he’s a beardy-man too. Mine is the snowman and Dexter’s is the owl in the middle. We were lucky to find Dexters to match ours considering we’ve had ours for a while.

We also have a garland wrapped around the banisters with warm white twinkly lights flickering through it.

I may move the stockings back over to the fireplace, I’m not sure yet.  I don’t want it to look too busy. We already have candles there with small festive wreaths around them and then some characters candles on the top so its not like they’re needed over there.

On top of our AV cabinet, we have the advent calendar that I mentioned in the previous post, along with another set of twinkly lights. DSC00306
We don’t have masses of stuff on the ceiling, just a few foil garlands and some big gold sparkly snowflakes. Ideally, I would like some paper chains too but I just haven’t got that far this year. When he is old enough, this will be Dexters job. DSC00309
Around the tree we have our North Pole express. We’ve had this about 7 years so far and this is the first year its been used as a toy! Dexter is OBSESSED with trains so we have no hope of this staying put. I’ll be surprised if it lasts this year… but I live in hope.DSC00315
This is our tree half finished. Our new baubles aren’t on it, just the basics, a couple of special ones and of course the lights. We only have warm white lights on the tree. I like the glow they give off. It gives a cosy feel to the room which is great during these cold, dark days.


So thats it, those are our decorations. How do you decorate? Do you have any rules or traditions? Please share, I love looking at what other people do at Christmas.


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  • Reply Lorna - It's a Mummy Thing December 11, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Lovely decorations! We traditionally put our tree up with festive music on and yummy nibbles. I’ve collected tree baubles for years and our tree is covered in lovely mementos of special, people, occasions or places x

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby December 12, 2014 at 11:41 pm

      Aww that sounds lovely! Christmas is most definitely my favourite time of year! Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

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