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Once Upon a Time: Online

September 29, 2019

This is an unpaid collaborative post with PlusNet.

I have trouble getting Dexter interested in reading. He has a strong love of science and maths but when it comes to reading his school reading books, he often ends up having a bit of a sulk about it. We make regular visits to the library but perhaps not as often as we could and although we read bedtime stories most nights, I can’t say honestly that it’s every night – So there is definitely more we could do.
But Dexter, along with his sisters, does love to play with his tablet – so when I heard about Plusnet’s latest campaign, I was eager to be involved.

The kids love their tablets!

Plusnet have recently teamed up with Larry Lamb and together, they have ‘reimagined’ some classic fairy tales for the digital age.
Developed for children under 10, the stories show that technology has its place and can be a good thing in helping us learn and understand the world around us and connect to more people

The story of red riding hood as we know it, is that Red goes to visit her grandma who, unbeknownst to her, has been eaten by the big bad wolf. The olf is hiding in grandmas bed, in disguise and plans to eat Red too. The PlusNet / Larry Lamb reimagining, tells it differently. A wolf had moved in close by to Grandmas house and howls at night. While on a facetime call to Red, Grandmas phone cuts out and Red is concerned. Red goes to check on things and find the reason the wolf howls so much is that he accidentally sliced through his tv ariel with his claws and his oven won’t work. Using her smartphone or tablet, Red decides to help him out and orders him some gloves, streams some TV shows and orders takeaway.

Watching Once Upon a Time Online

It got us thinking about other stories that we could reimagine, or change small bits of.
I quite like the idea of Beauty and the beast – instead of using the magic mirror to check on her father or look back on the beast, she could just facetime them all to check-in.
Or the Elves and the shoemaker – That story started with the Shoemaker being quite poor and the elves making him some beautiful shoes to sell that bring in more money to buy more supplies. What he could have done is taken some beautiful photos of the shoes before he sold them which he could have then used on social media and marketing. He could have also taken his store online… I bet his Instagram account would have been amazing!

The Gingerbread man – the little old woman could have published her recipe on her blog entitled “Granny’s Bakes”

I’ve recently got Dexter some story dice so I’m hoping that creating stories like these will encourage him to do more writing – and of course more reading.

PlusNet Once Upon a Time Online

It can be hard sometimes to get my kids to want to listen to a story when there are so many other things distracting them or fighting for their attention. Whilst I think reading with children is very important, having stories on a tablet-like this is a good way of keeping them relevant and holding your children’s interest. It’s not something I would do all the time, personally, as I think it can replace the need to have a parent read. However, occasionally it can be a good solution and it’s certainly helped us have conversations around changing the stories.

If you want to watch the updated fairy tales, they can be found at, or on Plusnet’s Instagram page. 

Do you have a favourite story you’s like to reimagine? How would you bring a classic into the modern world?

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