Not a natural cleaner

March 19, 2019

I’m a messy person. It’s just that way I am. I’m not dirty, that’s different. I’m just untidy. Unorganised. Chaotic even. But there are days and moments where I can be swept up in the madness of a cleaning frenzy and boy do clean when that happens.

Over the last 6 months or so, the excitement of cleaning has become a new trend. There are certainly worse trends to follow, that’s for sure but cleaning? It’s an odd one, even by my standards.
You would have to be living under a rock to have heard of Mrs Hinch AKA Sophie Hinchcliffe of Instagram fame. Her daily routines have people shining their sinks daily and naming all their mops and cloths.

Then there is Marie Kondo – Queen of decluttering who wrote a book about how to do it ( the KonMari method) and now with a series on Netflix where she helps others tackle their overwhelming hoards of crap. I have her book and her technique is actually really good… I just haven’t got round to it yet.

But what if you’re not a natural cleaner?

Well, then there is Team TOMM – my personal favourite. TOMM stands for The Organised Mum Method, and was created by Gemma Bray – but it isn’t just for mums. It is basically a method of cleaning where you do 45 minutes of cleaning a day (which you can spread out across the day or do in one go) and by following the routine you can actually keep on top of it all.

With Team Tomm, I do feel I could have my house up straight easily by the end of every day with minimal effort. I’ve created a playlist, I blast it out on Alexa and set a time and off I go. The only thing is… I need to get on the KonMari method first and have a major sort out.

But I’m not gunna lie – even with all these methods and routines, my house is still a mess come bedtime and I actully detest washing up so more often than not, my kitchen is full of dirty crockery and cookware.

Perhaps hire a cleaner?

I’ve considered hiring a cleaner and there are some tips to consider, for example (thanks to Toby Goes Bananas and Raising the Rings for their advice here)

  • Will they bring their own cleaning products or expect you to supply them?
  • If it’s an agency, will they send the same person each time or whoever is available?
  • Will they have insurance to cover any incidents or accidents they may cause?
  • What will they cover in the time frame given?

But if all else fails… You could always move house and start again from scratch. We are looking at buying our first house in a few years and honestly I’m looking forward to the excuse of the biggest clear out known to man! We’ll possibly need someone to come in and do an end of tenancy here though, as a company like can do it all – and with 3 kids and traipsing between two houses, I’d rather just pay someone and not have to think about it.


Mess!!! Current state of the bookshelf in the living room!

So, are you a neat freak or a mess monster? What are your top cleaning tips? Maybe you’ve hired a cleaner –  How is that working out for you? Let me know in the comments xx

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