New Year, New Goals – 2014

January 2, 2014
Two years ago my goal was to lose weight before my wedding. 

My wedding wasn’t supposed to be until next year in the autumn so almost another 2 years from now. However I lost 3 stone and we’re actually getting married on Tuesday next week.
I say I lost 3 stone… I’ve put some of it back on but the point is I got there. And once I’ve stopped breastfeeding, I will pick up where I left off.

Before weightloss

Last year, I had 3 goals. 1) Continue to lose weight, 2) Learn to drive and 3) Find a new job.
I’ve already mentioned number 1.
I found out I was 5 months pregnant in February so that put an end to the learning to drive plan. Temporarily at least. And find a new job…? Well what more rewarding and fulfilling job is there than motherhood? Honestly I wouldn’t change it for the world. Well, maybe if I could get it to pay more? That would be great.

So this year I have new plans…
And sort of updated old plans too.

1) Get married. Can’t wait to tick this one off my list. I’ll finally be Mrs Rickerby and we’ll be doing this on our 10 year anniversary too so it’s about bloomin’ time.
2) Learn to drive. We’ve finally got Liam’s KA back on the road. It makes things a lot easier now that we’ve got Dexter, so I plan to learn to drive and then it will be easier still. The only problem with the KA is the lack of room for buggies and other baby/child paraphernalia so we realised today, if we are to have any more babies, we will need a bigger car. So, I would get myself something with a large boot space as I would be the one to normally have the babies and Liam can keep the KA as a runaround.
Anyway, that’s a bit further into the future, this year, I would just at least like to be able to drive.
3) Continue with the weight loss. Once Dexter is weaned off breastfeeding (which I’m not going to make him do any time soon) I’ll be able to reduce my calorie intake but also, he won’t be so reliant on me being around, so I can then go running in the evenings again and various exercise ‘things’.

Current weight – Still more to go though

4) Cook more. This will help with number 3 but basically, I really enjoy cooking, I just don’t don’t enough. Liam does a lot of cooking and he loves doing it but since having Dexter, he’s done pretty much all of it. I’m not complaining by any stretch. I love that he looks after us all and generally when he’s cooking, I’m feeding Dexter or entertaining him in some way so I can’t actually do it myself but I’d like to try more recipes and create dishes maybe. Plus the better we both get at cooking and the more we do it (in theory), the healthier we’ll be because we won’t be eating frozen processed crap and we’ll know exactly what we’re feeding Dexter which is important to us too.
And number 5) Do/go to more things that I get invited to. I generally make an excuse not to go somewhere or do something if it means socialising with people in a different setting to what I usually see them in. But fuck it, whatever, if I get invited, I’ll try and turn up from now on. Even more so when I can drive as I won’t have to rely on lifts.
Anyway, those are my aims for 2014.
It’s almost 2am now so its probably time for sleep…
Goodnight x

* * * * *

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