My first born started school

September 6, 2017

And there he was… gone.
I didn’t get the chance to wave him off, I walked him in and he vanished into a crowd of other little boys and girls, all in the same uniform and just like that, my firstborn started school.

We’d bought his uniform way back at the start of the holidays and then put it in his wardrobe. And there it sat, not forgotten about but hidden out of sight until it was needed. He’d tried his shoes on a couple of times in an attempt to break them in and then they sat under the stairs. Just waiting for excited little toes.

As merry as a school boy!

He’s been so excited to start school. For weeks he’s been asking “Am I going to school today?” So this morning, we got him up, fed him breakfast and then bathed him. Scrubbed the pen off his hands, and the fake tattoo off his arms. Cleaned his ears and his finger nails and then got him dressed in his underwear. There was no way he was getting his uniform on until it was time to go.
We had lunch and then got him ready.

It’s a short walk to his school and when we arrived, there were a bunch of other parents and beautifully smart children. I popped into the office to pick him up a book bag (I forgot to buy one before the summer holidays) and then stood with Liam, Dexter and the girls while we waited for the kids to be called in. I walked him in the door and said ‘right, well I’ll see you in a bit then’ and then turned to walk away. I looked back over my shoulder and he was already out of view. Swallowed up by the group. I had no idea if he was looking for me or if he was ok so I just had to tell myself he was fine. It was only for an hour, anyway.

Liam and I walked Paisley and Bridget around for an hour and then walked back to pick him up. He seemed to come out quite happy and he said he had a good day.
He told us that he did painting and he looked at what colour his hair was. From what he was saying we figured that they had to look in the mirror and paint a self-portrait. After that, he had a snack (raisins) and then played outside. I asked him if he wants to go back tomorrow and he said yes… so all in all, he’s a merry little school boy with 2 proud parents.

Did you have any little ones starting school this week? I’d love to hear how they got on. I hope they’ve all had a lovely time and you parents haven’t shed too many tears.

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