My dream home with Wayfair

March 21, 2018

I’ve been doing a lot of dreaming lately about when we finally get to own our own home. We are currently in the process of paying off a bit of debt and then we will be saving for a deposit, so buying our first house is sort of 5 years away. But that doesn’t stop us talking about what sort of furniture we’d like and what sort of feel or theme we’d want in each room.
Living in a rented property, we are limited in the amount of personalisation we can do here but I’d still like it to feel like our home for as long as we’re here… So, I’ve been window shopping with Wayfair and dreaming up some furniture combinations and room styles.  Here are just a few of my favourite pieces

For the living room

Liam has been lusting after a Chesterfield sofa for as long as I can remember. This luxurious looking sofa would look gorgeous is a cosy warm living room with soft clean fluffy carpets and a nice lamp nearby. We would probably choose this antique brown colour and add a couple of cushions as accents to tie it to the rest of the room. I think it gives the appearance of class and I can totally see myself sitting here with a glass of whisky on a cold winter evening. Especially if we had a fire too.
A tall tripod lamp like this, in one corner and a collection of photos in matching frames like these, would just nicely tie off the room and personalise it

Chesterfield Sofa – a touch of class

For the dining room

I’m not sure Liam would be in agreement with this one but I love this idea for a dining room. A bench that works around the corner of a table giving you space for more bums on seats but still having a couple of normal chairs too. The chairs would be perfect for us adults while the kids could squeeze in together on the bench. There is even enough room if one of them had a friend over for dinner too. I think this corner dining set is perfect for our family size and would be great for not just eating but homework and projects too.

Corner dining set

The Home office

Liam is a very keen woodworker and his next project is to build me a desk. (I’ll blog about that in time) but if that wasn’t the case, I would need to buy one, as having a place to write where I can concentrate, away from the children and the everyday stuff is very important. I love the look of this sleek and stylish Toronto writing desk. It’s 3 small drawers would be perfect for storing my files and paperwork (and hiding my pens from everyone!) while the dark blue colour is calming which I’m sure would aid productivity.

Toronto writing desk

For the kids

This bed would be perfect for Dexter. Being the only boy, it is likely that he will always end up with the smallest room wherever we live because the girls are able to share so would, therefore, need a bigger room. This bed has everything he needs but without having to have a whole room full of furniture. It features a cupboard, drawers, shelves, and a desk – perfect for when he starts bringing homework from school. Plus, I’d normally worry about him being too high with his epilepsy. I wouldn’t want him to have a fit and then fall out of bed but this one is a mid sleeper so isn’t all that high.

Mid sleeper cabin bed for Dexter

The girls would most likely share a room so a bunk bed of some sort would be great in space saving. I love this one with storage space for each of them and a decently sized ladder. They can keep their favourite bedtime stories and cup of water nearby and we could maybe even add a couple of fairy lights or night lights. Of course, we haven’t even moved Paisley into a proper bed yet, let alone Bridget so they are a little way off sharing a bunk bed for now. 

For the master bedroom

Our bedroom currently is more of a gathering point for everyone. Bridget still sleeps next to me in her side-sleeper crib and Dexter and Paisley just seem to end up in with us. Once Bidget goes in with Paisley, there won’t be any need for any of them to sleep in our room so I picture a super comfy, king size bed with lots of cushions and throws. A sort of sanctuary where we can just rest and relax together. I’m not sure what it is about this bed that makes me like it. I think its the cleanliness of the white that gives a calming vibe and the posts at each corner that just makes it seem enclosed. Like you would be snuggled in by the bed itself. Either way, I like it and can definitely see myself getting lots of sleep in it…. Ahhhhh sleep, I miss you x

Adding a playroom.

Playroom ideas

One thing I’ve wanted since Dexter was born is a playroom. Somewhere bright and colourful where the kids can learn and play and discover. A room of excitement. Their happy place. I certainly wouldn’t have a tv in there. It would be full of construction toys like blocks or lego. I would have an art corner with a table and chairs and lots of brightly coloured pen pots, paper, glue and crafty things. There would be a wigwam/teepee, like this where the kids could hide or read or play, along with some wall art, and a cosy rug. This lovely storage unit would make a lovely seat with a handful of cushions too.

For the garden

Planning a dream home with Wayfair. a mood board of ideas for kids bedrooms, play rooms, living room kitchen and garden

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I’ve always loved the idea of a hammock or a swing seat but just look at this… Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this gorgeous swing would be so lovely in the summer for those long relaxing days while the kids run around each other. They could even use it together, pushing and spinning each other or just laying back and looking at cloud shapes.

And that’s it. Those are my dream house items. I can see it all now. What a happy and harmonious life we’ll lead. I’d love to know what you think. Do you have a favourite?
What one item would you have in your dream home without compromise?

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