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Mum to be product reviews: Bio-oil, Centrum and Dr. Organic

January 12, 2016

Just before Christmas I was asked if I would like to review a few products recommended for mums to be; Bio oil, Centrum for pregnancy, Dr. Organic Maunka honey face mask and Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Hand and Nail Treatment.
Two of them I’d already heard of and looked at, the other, I’d not really ever noticed before so I decided I’d give them a go.

Bio oil – (£8.95, 60 ml – Boots)Bio-Oil 60ml

Bio oil is designed to maximise the skin’s elasticity, helping to prevent the appearance of stretch marks, scars, ageing and dehydrated skin. I’ve got a few stretch marks from when I was previously overweight. Luckily I didn’t really gain any extras in my first pregnancy, just one or two of them got a bit darker. In this, my second pregnancy I’ve been mainly using coconut oil as a moisturiser as I do every day but obviously have moved from using on just mainly on my face to all over my belly, boobs, bum and thighs. I’ve seen Bio oil in the shops but the price point and bold claims kind of put me off from ever trying it. However, as I was sent some I was keen to give it a go.

It’s formula combines some of the most important skincare ingredients including vitamin A and E with Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary and Chamomile oils, plus the unique ingredient, PurCellin Oil™.
It’s the PurCellin Oil™  which ensures the ingredients are absorbed deep into the second layer of the skin, where they can provide targeted treatment and also gives it its non greasy feel.

On using the Bio oil for the first time, the biggest thing I noticed is how smooth it feels when it goes on but unlike an most oily products, this is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t leave greasy residues. It has a nice sort of fresh scent to it and I’ve also found it quite useful on the dry skin on my face.
Most products are I’ve used during pregnancy I’ve not really stuck to a routine with, however this one ticks a number of boxes in terms of ease of use, smell, and actually doing its job that it’s one that I’m happy to keep using. It’s also likely it’s also likely that I’ll continue to use it after pregnancy and recommend to others.

Centrum During Pregnancy (£4.29, 30 supplements, Boots and Tesco’s)

Formulated with 21 nutrients including Chromium to help maintain normal blood glucose levels Centrum During Pregnancy is the next product in the new range from Centrum. This pregnancy has been much harder on me physically than my first. I had been using a shops own brandUK Cent 30s Preg Care Cton_amended pregnancy vitamin but didn’t really notice any benefit. I didn’t really expect much from Centrum as I figured they would all have the same sort of ingredients and so would be much of a muchness.
It has been tailored for women to take from as soon as they know they are pregnant, until the birth of their baby.
The formulation has been specially developed to give nutritional support for both mother and baby. It also contains Calcium and Vitamin D which are recommended for pregnant women by the Department of Health to support healthy growth and development of the baby’s bones during pregnancy.
Centrum During Pregnancy also provides Iodine which is essential for brain and nervous system development.

Once I switched from my usual vitamin to Centrum, I immediately noticed the difference. I felt much more awake, more able to take on the general daily household jobs and actually a lot more like me for the first time in weeks.
I’ve spoken to a few mums to be and they have had similar results from the product with a couple of them commenting that they were continuing to use it after their baby had been born.
With all certainty, I would most definitely recommend it to any pregnant women and will be sure to use it again in any of my own future pregnancies.

Dr.Organic Manuka Honey Face Mask

 Manuka Face Mask out of boxBioactive Organic Manuka Honey has a host of skin restoring and repairing properties. This nutrient rich clay based formulation draws oil from the pores while ridding the skins surface of dead cells and impurities stimulating the circulation deep into the capillaries to leave the skin deeply purified, perfectly nourished and completely rejuvenated.
I feel that my review of this product could be better if I wasn’t pregnant. Normally I have a combination of oily and dry skin however all through this pregnancy my face has been very dry… and I mean very dry. Using a product that draws out the oils in my pores probably isn’t helping to be honest but perhaps once I’ve had the baby and my hormones change it may be different.

Dr. Organic Hemp Oil Intensive Hand and Nail Treatment £5.99, 100ml, available from Holland and Barrett

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 21.17.06Now this, I LOVE! I love the smell, I love how soft my hands feel using it. I just want to keep using it all the time.
It contains essential fatty acids and omega 3,6 and 9 which are essential for healthy looking skin. It also contains cocoa butter and camphor bark oil.
It can be used as often as you like, whenever your hands feel dry or tight or just in need of a bit of extra care but can also leave them moisturised for up to 24 hours.

It absorbs wonderfully in to the skin very quickly so no grease left behind (I’m typing this after just applying it and there is no residual grease on my keyboard).
It’s handy enough to fit in your handbag, your glove box or just in your bathroom.

If you have dry skin on your hands, want stronger nails or are just looking for a new hand cream.. Get This!!


Disclaimer: As I said at the start of this post, I was asked to review these products. The were sent to me free for the purposes of the review however all opinions are my own.


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