Me and Mine in March – An update of MessyBlog Life

March 23, 2018

Hi Everyone,
How are you all enjoying the warmer weather we’ve had over the last couple of days? We’ve actually had a bit of a play in the garden over the last couple of days. It’s been lovely. Spring is definitely in the air. There are lots of daffodils to be spotted on the way to preschool and Dexters school pond is alive with eleventy billion frogs and their frogspawn. I’m actually a little bit scared that when the baby frogs are all jumping about that I might run over them with the buggy on the school run.

Paisley has been allowed to escape the confines of the buggy and have a walk. Let me tell you… she LOVES it. She walked all the way home from school with Dexter the other day. Before the winter, she used to walk fairly slow and would take in everything, then while it’s been cold over the last few months I’ve kept her in the buggy so we get home quicker and in the warm. But she really loves her freedom and it’s great to see her running so happily and screaming and laughing with the joy that only children seem to have.

Escape to the garden!

Her speech is coming on so well lately too. We actually have little conversations and I can work out almost everything that she is trying to say.  If I’m not sure, I’ll ask her to try and show me and we generally get there in the end. 

Bridget is doing really well lately too. All of a sudden she’s got 4 extra teeth in one go, she can get on her knees as though she really wants to crawl and she sleeps so well too. Albeit in my bed… taking all my space! I don’t want to write too much about her here because I’m going to write her 9-month update very soon and otherwise I’d be writing it all twice!

Help! My parents are crazy!!

I will tell you about Dexter though because as much as every school morning is a fight to get him ready on time, he makes me so bloody proud! He is really enjoying school at the moment. I wondered if we would ever get to this point, as all through preschool and the first few months of starting school, he was such hard work to get in the door. He cried, he screamed, he clung to my legs… not every day but quite often, and the preschool staff (Hi, Michelle and Jayne, we’ve not forgotten you x) would have to take him off me and take him in. However, since roughly a week before Christmas, he has loved it. He always talks about his teachers, he is so excited to tell us what he’s done that day, he loves writing words and spelling things in the bath with foam letters. He even tries to teach Paisley the different letter sounds and tell her all about digraphs and trigraphs! He loves wearing his uniform (I think it makes him feel included somehow, maybe) and on both parents evenings, we’ve been really impressed with his work and his teacher. I honestly couldn’t be happier in our choice of school.

I feel like the actual responsibility of choosing his school fell to me, because Liam couldn’t just take time off to come and do the visits, and picking one that was going to be right for him obviously comes with huge pressure. This is where he is going to spend a huge chunk of his childhood and will form so much of his character and his understanding of the world.  I’m just going to pat myself on the back for making a good choice because honestly, it is one of the things I can truthfully say, I’ve done right.

They get outside all the time to play, and once a week (at least) they will have a visit to the woodlands (they’ve even built a campfire and toasted marshmallows – at 4 years old!) They hold reading cafes every half term where the parents are invited in to listen to a story with the whole class and then we do an activity based on that story. We went in this week and made small teams and competed to build the tallest tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti. The adults loved it as much as the kids. 

Anyway, I won’t make this whole post about Dexters school. We’ve lately been trying to get in a lot more sensory play, crafts and messy play. I’ve said before how I used to do so much with Dexter and then struggled when I had two kids at different ages to find things they could do together, so that’s really what I want to focus on with my blog.

So… On snow day, we brought in a tray of snow (rather than all going outside and getting cold and wet). We sat it down on the mat and the kids all got stuck in playing with it. For Bridget, it was her first experience of snow so it was a great way to let her explore it in the warm and so that she could watch what Dexter and Pasiely did with it too. Like most things, it went straight into her mouth… because let’s face it… that’s how babies test anything, isn’t it? She enjoyed the feel, the cold, and was very happy picking it up and crushing it between her fingers. Her hands eventually started to go red with the cold and she was getting wet where she was dropping bits everywhere so I took her out of it and warmed her up. But Dexter and Paisley carried on playing, making snow castles with the stacking cups and exploring construction.

We’ve also been doing a little bit of Easter sensory play. We did this when Dexter and Paisley were out for the day though so it gave Bridget a chance to explore something on her own.
We included a couple of nests from the pound shop, some shredded paper, foam easter shapes and some feathers.
Once Dexter and Pais were home, we added some playdough and some other elements so they could enjoy playing in the tray together.

So that’s what we’ve been up to. I’m hoping to keep you updated with our ins and outs as I feel like that’s why a lot of you started reading my blog in the first place. If it gives you ideas or makes you feel good about something, then good. I’d love to know what sort of posts you enjoy reading though. If you have a particular favourite, please do let me know. I write for me, but I write for you too so it makes sense to write what you wanna read. #GiveThePeopleWhatTheyWant Right?

Perhaps I’ll do a monthly post like this instead of the siblings and the snapshots and scenes I join in with. It’s much easier to combine them into one post.


That is what I’ll do. x

That tongue!!! Hahaha

Anyway, bye for now xx

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