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July 19, 2020

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This year has been strange, hasn’t it? Celebrations just haven’t been the same. Dexter finished infant school after not evening being there for most of this year so there were no leavers parties, school trips or transitions days to celebrate. He missed out on a party for his 7th birthday, we did nothing for Bridgets 3rd and all we did on my birthday was jet wash the garden. Friends have had weddings and house moves put on hold, babies have been born without family around to welcome them and, well… it’s all just been a bit hard, hasn’t it? So, when Moonpig got in touch to see if they could help bring a bit of extra magic to my Mums 60th, I wasn’t about to say no! 60 is a big deal and she deserves a fuss.

Me, My Mum and My Nan. 3 generations – getting together to celebrate my mums 60th

We’d been talking about her 60th for months – Before lockdown, we had planned all sorts. My Stepdad was going to take her to a show, we were going to have a big barbecue, there was talk of shopping, meals, afternoons teas, spa days – We had so many ideas – it just wasn’t to be.

So, in the end, we all put some money together to see what we could come up with. Mum loves watching the Great British Sewing Bee and this year we’d been watching along but apart – sharing messages about the contestants and challenges in our group chat. Mum has always been good at sewing but was in need of some new kit so we bought her a beautiful new sewing box shaped like a beehive and filled it with all kinds of colourful threads, fabrics, buttons, and more – We then scrolled through the plentiful gift options on Moonpig for something ‘extra’.

Moonpig very kindly sent us a Gin Lovers Gift Hamper, some chocolates, a balloon and a hand cream/ gardening glove set. (Mum has recently been working on her garden over the lockdown period and as some new plants in her borders)

Next, we needed to get her a card, which again, Moonpig were happy to send out. We chose one that we could add a lot of pictures too (as there are 7 of us and most of us then also have our own children) I wanted to make sure we had enough room for at least one or two pictures of us all and this one couldn’t have been better. It arrived super quick – I ordered fairly late in the day and it arrived the next morning so I was very impressed!

Mum opening her gifts. Middle image is her personalised card from Moonpig

Mum knew absolutely nothing about our plans for her day and really loved all of her gifts. We had a barbecue in her back garden where social distancing was (mostly) observed.
[None of us in attendance had any symptoms, there was lots of handwashing and sanitising and we used disposable plates, cups etc. We stuck mainly to our own family groups, doors were all open so there was no need to touch any handles etc]

All of Mum’s cards and gifts – Safe to say she had a good day and was well and truly spoilt

Moonpig really helped to make my Mum’s birthday special. Every part of our order process was smooth and easy, the gifts were well packaged and delivery was great. Moonpig are also offering all of my readers a free card when you buy a gift. All you have to do is download the app and use code APPFREEWGIFT before the 17th August 2020

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