Making a living from blogging.

August 12, 2019

Like many, I decided to start a blog when I had my first child. 3 children and 5 years later, I decided to make my blog my main source of income and quit my evening job. There are moments I love it and there are moments I wonder what I’m doing. It’s afforded us some fantastic opportunities and introduced me to some lovely and interesting people – but there is no denying that it is HARD work at times. So, I’ve put together a couple of tips. I know there are many, many much more in-depth posts that will give you step by step instructions on making a living from blogging, but if you’re looking for a rough idea of what to consider, then I hope this covers that for you.

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Register as self-employed.

Before you can start earning money, you will need to register as self-employed with HMRC. From the moment you get paid for something on your blog, you need to be registered so it’s advisable that you start by doing this.

I wasn’t earning money from my blog whilst on maternity leave from my paid employment so I’m not 100% on the rules surrounding that but if you want to know what you can claim, you can call the Maternity Allowance Contact Number and find out what you are eligible for.

Blog Audit

If your blog is new, you might not have the biggest following in the world – but that’s ok. Some brands really focus on numbers, some don’t. but there are things you can do to make improvements and as long as you can show that your numbers are going in the right direction, that’s a start.
Things to check are:

  • Social profiles – Are all of your social media handles the same? Do they all have the same smiling photo of you? Are your bios clear? Do they tell the reader what you’re about?
  • Links – Do all of your social links from your blog work? Do they all lead your reader to the right place?
  • Do you have a contact page? Is it easy to find? Easy to use?
  • Do you have a work with me Page? Does it give the average brand an idea of ways they can work with you? Does it include any testimonials? Does it tell them about your audience and who they can expect to reach by working with you?
  • Quality – Are your photos clear? Are they clean and bright? Are your posts well written? I recommend Grammarly for a good spell checking and grammar checking piece of software. It’s free and really easy to use!

It’s little things like these that people look for. They want to be able to easily find you on other platforms, to easily contact you and understand immediately what you’re about. If they have to ask or it’s not handed to them on a plate, they probably won’t bother. Brands and PRs are very busy and they have thousands of blogs to skim through. Don’t make it any harder for them than it needs to be.

Different types of income.

If you are going to monetise your blog, you’ll need a few ways of doing it to make it successful. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket by just doing one thing. A few ways that are popular are:

  • Affiliate marketing – Get paid a percentage of sales made either with your unique code or clicking your links. Can be sales or traffic-based.
  • Sponsored posts – Get paid to write a post advertising or promoting certain brands or businesses. Sometimes these can be prewritten for you to host as a guest post. Other times, people may just ask you to insert a link into one of your existing posts
  • Sidebar advertising / Google Adsense – Earn by placing ads on your website. Either by page view or click-throughs
  • Creating a product. Can be a physical product, like a slogan tee, a printable guide or a digital product like an ebook or online course. the possibilities are endless with this one.

So there you have it. Those are just a few things I would suggest looking into before you decide on making a living from blogging.

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