Likes, Loves and… Ice cream?

October 9, 2017

Today’s #blogtober prompt is ice creams. I sat and thought about this for ages trying to think of something to write and came up with nothing. Like, actually nothing. Zero. Sweet F.A!
Why? Because ice cream doesn’t really interest me that much. It’s not that I don’t like it eating it, I do. But, I dunno, I just don’t love it.

I thought of loads of title ideas I could try and build on… my favourite flavours, favourite toppings, even things like if I was an ice cream flavour, what would I be? Someone suggested doing a review of an ice cream place. My friend Julie suggested 10 deserts better than ice cream or places I’ve enjoyed eating ice cream etc and none of them gave me any inspiration. Nothing jumped off the page, nothing screamed at me. And I realised it’s because I don’t love it.

I’m not passionate about it.

It doesn’t excite me…

It’s all just…. vanilla!

The only picture I could find with Ice cream in.


So what did I do?
I wrote a really boring post about how I love Christmas and I loved my old job and I don’t love ice cream. Not only was this post totally boring… it was just so shit that it played on my mind all day.
Now, I’ve been on maternity leave since May this year and every day that I haven’t been in hospital or feeling really unwell with pregnancy, I’ve been working on my blog. I may not have been producing new stuff all the time but I’ve been here, in the background, putting in the hard graft.

Starting the #Blogtober challenge was supposed to spark a new flame of creativity, to help me write, quicker and better and to be able to find different angles and ways of taking on subjects. What I did not want from it, was to produce a whole load of shit that nobody has any interest in reading because it’s complete garbage.

“Pais, Wheres your smile?” – She ducked out of the way of the camera!

So I took a step back. I didn’t open my laptop (until now to write this) I sat and watched total bollocks daytime TV ( I’m looking at you Jezza!) I had lunch and then I took the girls to the park.. in the rain. I had a day off. I picked up Dexter from school and then after dinner, we went to collect some wood from a 300+ year old tree ash tree that’s being felled nearby. Liam and I are going to whittle spoons from a bit of it. You can laugh, I don’t care.

Then once the kids were in bed, Liam and I got our laptops and sat next to each other, both working on our future goals.


I deleted the bulk of the original post and changed it to this. Which is probably still boring to most. But I’m happier with it.


*Edited to add – I have since decided to no longer take part in blogtober. I’m proud of my blog and writing stuff I wouldn’t normally write was making me resent it. Here endeth Blogtober.*

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  • Reply Sarah October 10, 2017 at 10:18 pm

    I think you should definitely write whatever you want to write – I’m enjoying Blogtober for the most part but I know what you mean, I don’t want to write just for the sake of it if I’m writing rubbish. Luckily I love ice cream though so I didn’t have too much trouble with this one 🙂 #Blogtober

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby October 10, 2017 at 10:24 pm

      Yeah I agree. THere are some more I’m going to struggle with but I really don’t want to give up just yet…

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