Lighting our dream home

June 13, 2018

In about four years, I will be close to being able to purchase my first house.  I will be close to 40 years old which I think is quite old for first-time buyers but nonetheless, that’s what I’ll be. The closer I get to this point the more I keep dreaming about what our forever home will be like. I don’t particularly want a new build, I’d prefer an older house, one with a bit of character. Bay windows at the front, are decent size garden and room for chickens and a veg patch. A playroom for the kids, plus a bedroom each. An office for me, a workshop for Liam and perhaps even a conservatory. I wrote a post recently on the sort of things I’d have in each room and now I’m wondering what sort of home lighting I would have too. We’ve not even got a deposit yet but a girl can dream, right? I mean, if you don’t make plans, how will you know what to aim for? *This is a collaborative Post*

Living room lighting

Now, I know Liam would LOVE this tripod lamp in the living room, He’s been going on about getting one of these for ages. I’ve got to admit, even I like this one. It’s smart looking and height adjustable. I love the gold on the inside of the shade and its A++ energy rating makes it super efficient too.

Garden Lighting

I imagine the garden to be somewhere that we spend a lot of time. I’m picturing the days with kids running around, kicking balls and playing on the swings. Chickens clucking away as they scratch among the weeds, maybe even the sound of a water feature in the pond. It all sounds very calm, doesn’t it? In the evenings, I think I’d like to have our chiminea burning more regularly. To have more friends round to drink and chat and enjoy the ambience. A couple of wind chimes gently clanging and chiming away and a few small post lights around the edges and borders.  Not wanting to leave the chickens out, I’d probably get them a string of fairy lights to hang around the top of their run. 

Dining Room Lighting

Something like this, perhaps 2 or 3 of them in a line all hanging above the dining table would create a lovely warm mealtime atmosphere. I like the rustic look and the orange glow of the string-like filament. Perhaps we could add to the effect by having them on pulleys to give a bit of an industrial aesthetic. 

And then, of course, there is Christmas.

I’m a huge fan of Christmas and once we have our own house, I’ going to build up the most epic collection of tasteful  Christmas lights. There will be warm white twinkling fairy lights EVERYWHERE. Christmas scented candles for extra hygge points and every single window will be adorned with lights on timers the come on as soon as darkness hits.  We’ll have the front fence/ gate, the path up to the door and even any trees or plants completely covered.  You can see our previous Christmas decorations here… but this won’t be a patch on what is to come. I’m excited just thinking about it!

Lights around the living room

Living Room be Lit!

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