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Kids Bean Bags from BeanBagBazaar – Review

September 9, 2019

I recently wrote a post on how to create an adult living space when you have children. It can be hard to feel like you have grown up area when you’re surrounded by toys and books and puzzles and squabbling and drawing, however over the summer we reorganised the majority of our living room with a new wall unit and three brightly coloured beanbags -which we were kindly gifted from BeanBagBazaar for the purposes of this review. 

Beanbags are great. They are easy to move around, lightweight and portable. They can come in all sorts of fabrics and colours and designs.  They mould themselves to the shape of whoever is sitting on them and are super comfy.

3 kids, each sat on a bean bag in a living room. bean bags are pink, red and purple. BeanBagBazaare

BeanBagBazaar stock a wide variety of beanbags from toddler sizes to adults, from sofas to chairs and more. They also come in a huge range of colours and fabrics from wool to cord, to cotton to faux fur or faux leather. There is SO much choice.

The three that we were gifted are suitable for outside use meaning that over the summer we have had lots of use on them in the garden. The fabric used on these is durable and water-resistant which is great for my three. We don’t go a day without something being spilt so having them easy to clean and wipeable is a must!

BeanBagBazaare - 2 girls sat on pink and purple beanbags outside near a brick wall

What I really like about them having a bean bag each is that they were all able to choose their own colour. This means they were able to choose something they liked and that suited their style and personality. It also means there is no squabbling over whos is whos.

The bean bags are perfect for one to one time or reading time too. They all gather around me when its time for our bedtime stories, or when Dexter sits and reads his school reading book. We can take them upstairs at bedtime and keep the living room as more of an adult space when they’re in bed.
These bean bags are easily the kids’ favourite place to sit now. We’ve used them in the garden, in the living room and the bedroom. We’ve used them for movie nights, for garden picnics and BBQs, for playing board games, reading and just watching tv.

Girls say on beanbags in a garden near a brick wall

I can honestly say they get used every single day and for just £22.99 I think they are great value for money.

You can visit BeanBagBazaar here or on their social media sites – Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest – Instagram

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