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Kid Friendly USA: Colonial Williamsburg Highlights

May 11, 2018

One of the best places to take the whole family when visiting the USA is Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. It is both a fun and educational place, that combines the rich history of the American Revolution with special events and luxurious resort style accommodation that is aimed at families as well as adults. To find out more about this fascinating place, read on. *This is a sponsored post*

Get there

First, before anything else you have to get to Williamsburg. Sadly flights are not direct from the UK to Williamsburg which mean that a short layover in Boston or New York of around 2 hours is required. However, the internal flight usually only take a few hours, so it’s not too much of a hardship for the family, and well worth the trouble as you get to do some pretty amazing things once you arrive.


Next, when travelling with kids, it’s always a good idea to book your accommodation before you arrive. In particular, Colonial Williamsburg is a very popular place with US citizens and those from overseas alike, and this means that it can get pretty booked up during peak season.

With this in mind, book early for hotels like Williamsburg Lodge that are within walking distance of the cultural district, and you can save yourself a fortune in time and hassle. There are even suits available that contain a king bed and a sofa bed so that you can fit the whole family in a single room!


Once you have worked out how to get to Williamsburg and where you will stay, you can get to the entertaining bit, and that is finding all the best sites to see and activities to complete.

Now, while the entire cultural district will be of interest to the little ones, there is also a specific program laid on for kids that is worth embracing. This program includes being able to rent a historical costume for the little ones to wear during the tour, as well as some great digital and interactive activities to get them excited and informed about their visit before they even arrive in the US!

In particular be sure to see the Lock, Stock, and Barrel exhibition, where you can find out all about infantry muskets made before 1800. Then there are authentic carriage rides that will provide a one in a lifetime experience and some fantastic memories for the whole family.

In fact, something that Colonial Williamsburg does very well is to offer interactive exhibits where you can either observe folks dressed in traditional attire completing task as they would have back in the time of the revolution or even get involved yourself. Particular highlights in this vein include the axe throwing activities and the tailor exhibit.

Last, of all, don’t forget that there is also an evening program that includes all sort of cool stuff like listening to a live concert of Benjamin Franklin’s glass armonica or attending a historic witch trial. There are even some special ghost walks for juniors which are kid-friendly, but still informative and exciting, even for the younger ones.

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