June: How to squeeze 50 activities into 1 month

June 29, 2014

Well, What a busy month its been. 

Dexter turned one, our friend Claire came to stay, we had a party, a trip to the farm a trip to the seaside and Dexter learnt to walk. He also learnt to lift his top up when you ask him where his belly is… I’m not sure which of those skills I love more to be honest. 

He cracks me up every day, he’s such a funny little thing! We also had fathers day, Peterborough Heritage festival and and then Dexter even had his first ever sleep over at Nanny and Granddads house. I think I need a rest!

So, Liam and I booked the week off for his birthday. 

Saturday was Gary’s birthday so we were round my mums for lunch. I made sure I was there to celebrate this birthday as I missed his 50th, what with having a baby and all. After that, we took Caleb home with us for a sleep over. Dexter loved having somebody else to play with.  We played outside on the green, Dexter on his trike, Caleb on the scooter, both racing around (well, I pushed Dexter) and then we came inside to watch a film before bed. The next morning we had some messy play with some gloopy shaving foam and then played outside on the green with some bubbles before we dropped Caleb back at home. D&C
On the Tuesday we took Dexter for his first ever trip to the seaside. It was such a lovely day. One of those days where you’re so carefree and just enjoy every moment without having anything to think about or worry about. It was just lovely. We started off going to one of those little stalls and buying his first ever bucket and spade and a windmill. We played on the sand, had a paddle in the sea and collected some pebbles (for future crafts, keep your eyes peeled).

2014-06-03 11.26.04sandbeachwalk
For lunch of course we had to have fish, chips and mushy peas. We asked for an extra plate and gave Dexter some of ours and let him feed himself. He loves being independent with things like that and he eats so well when we’re out in public.

We had a wander around the shops while Dexter slept in his buggy and then when he woke up we headed to the amusements. He’s never been on any rides before so of course we had to put him on one. He was unsure at first but once he’d seen our huge grins gawking at him he soon started to giggle. (Who can blame him?!) 


We had a little go on the 2p machines, won some tokens and cashed them in for some naff prizes and then finished off with a walk along the pier. A very lovely day was had by all.
ppier  2014-06-03 17.15.14
Wednesday was his first birthday. We had set up a balloon drop the night before and wrapped his presents ready for him to tear into. he was much more interested in the balloons than anything else so it took a while to get everything opened.

Of course, no birthday is complete without a cake and whats the good in having a birthday cake if you cant get stuck into it.
cake smash
We had various visits from family members and lots of brilliant gifts brought round for him too. He went to bed very exhausted but very happy and spoilt.

Friday brought with it a visit from our friend Claire. She traveled down from ‘up north’ straight after work and having someone else in the house for dinner meant that I was outvoted and we had Dominoes for dinner. I know there are many many pizza lovers about but Dominoes is one thing I really don’t like which means Liam doesn’t get to eat it very often.

Liam was first to go up to bed and I started to ice the cakes for Dexters birthday party. The icing was melting quite fast so Claire had a go too. Lets just say, even with 2 of us doing it, they certainly weren’t the best iced cakes in the world hahaha. So we called it a bad job, gave up and went to bed.

Saturday was Dexters birthday party. I got up early and started to prep the food. there were 4 types of sandwiches (cheese, tuna, ham and choc with sprinkles), platters of fruit and salad, and all the usual things like crisps, sausage rolls etc. Claire helped with the prep while Liam sorted music, lights and kept Dexter entertained.

The party was wonderful. We had originally planned it to be a bbq outdoors but the weather was forecasting thunder storms so we managed to have it at the preschool that mum works at. This actually turned out better because it meant we had access to the water troff, a few toys, a parachute and after changing the plans, it was actually a nice day so we had access to the superb outdoor area too.
party us
All of the kids that came were very well behaved, we played pass the parcel, sang happy birthday and they danced and played so well together. Even all of the adults enjoyed themselves. It was such a lovely party. He also got given some lovely gifts from his friends. the party was a complete success. Not a bad moment through the day.

Dexter was exhausted afterwards and had a very good sleep in his paddling pool. Once he woke up (a few hours later) we headed to Tesco to get some supplies and then out to the local pub restaurant for a nice dinner to finish the day.

Sunday brought with it Claire’s home time, but not before we had a trip to the local farm for ‘Open Farm Sunday”.

I make an effort to show Dexter different animals through the flash cards that I’ve made him, different books and puzzles that he has and different programs on tv but he’s not really seen many animals in real life so it was a real treat to see his reaction when he could see them and touch some of them too. He really liked following the pig as it snuffled around its pen.

The sheep didn’t do much so he got a bit bored of them but he really liked the pony called Tramp.
He had a sit on a tractor and on a model cow and we even made our way round a maze. We had a look around an old working water mill and then sat in the shade for a picnic before heading off to the train station to drop Claire off.

Its a shame she had to go home really because we loved having her here. I’ve tried to convince her to move to Peterborough but so far to no avail. I’m sure she’d love it here though.
 2014-06-08 12.58.42

So that was his birthday week. Next we had Fathers day. We didn’t have any spare pennies to buy anything for Liam but I think fathers day/mothers day should be about home made crafts anyway so we planted Liam a sunflower, decorated one of Dexters vests for him to wear that day and made a card with his foot prints on. Liam Is such a good dad to Dexter and I love watching them both together. I hope he knows how much he is loved and appreciated. 

fd1  fd2

Dexter has been taking his first wobbly steps lately. He started the day before his birthday and he’s now got to the point where he can stay upright if you put him on the floor and will stay balanced for a little while. He can almost walk the entire length of the room and he is so proud of himself when he does it. He even claps himself. Liam has been brilliant at teaching him to walk. He’s really encouraged him and gives him so much praise. Its such a lovely thing to watch. 

Also this month (I told you it was a busy one…) Peterborough had its annual heritage festival. We have this ever year held in and around the ground of the cathedral. There are some brilliant reenactments with staged living areas, lots of games and thing for the kids to do, archery lessons, bird displays, and lots and lots of craft stall and tents offering all kinds of historic artifacts, skills to learn and various demonstrations.

We happened to catch some of the reenactments (and some morris dancers) while we were in town on the saturday but then Dexter and I went back on the Sunday to meet up with a friend and have a proper look round. We even bumped into Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. What a lovely couple they were. If I know one person that would’ve loved to have seen it all, It would’ve been Claire. If I’d thought about it, I would’ve invited her to come back for the weekend. Maybe next year…

So lastly, but by no means least, yesterday gave us an open day visit around  the preschool that Dexter will start attending next year followed by a date night for me and Liam and a sleep over for Dexter at Nanny and Granddads house. He’s never stayed away from home without us before. We dropped him off, went out for dinner and then off to the cinema. Home was strange without having to turn the TV down or tiptoe up the stairs. Sunday morning we had a bit of a clear out and did some tip runs and then shampooed the carpets ready for our house inspection next week. We went to mums for a family roast lamb dinner and of course to collect Dexter. He didnt even miss us. We watched him from the door way when we got there, he looked at us, and then continued playing like we weren’t even there. So, at least we know we can do that again in the future. 

So, yeah, that was our June. Hectic but happy. Been up to much lately? 

* * * * *

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  • Reply Hannah - Budding Smiles July 3, 2014 at 12:41 pm

    What a busy but lovely month! Happy birthday to Dexter and well done to him for his walking and showing his tummy! I missed the Heritage Weekend but had heard it was good, next year!xx

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby August 15, 2014 at 8:47 am

      It was a very busy month but so much fun. We’ll probably be at the heritage weekend next year too 🙂

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