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August 30, 2017

There are so many posts flying around at the moment about starting school and what to expect and I’ve been meaning to write something similar for weeks but now all of a sudden we’re at the end of August and my first born starts school next week! I’ve still not written that post, so instead, I’ve interviewed Dexter. I’ve asked him a few questions relating to school and just a few other about his likes and dislikes and then a couple of random ones at the end.
Dexter only turned 4 in June so will be one of the youngest in his year but he seems so excited to go to school. The last couple of mornings he’s asked me if he is going to school today and ‘how many more days is it?’.
We’ve bought all of his uniform and his shoes and he looks so cute it all. I wish someone would interview me and ask how I feel about it though. Maybe that’s another post.

What is your name? Dexter, Ohh wait, I mean Catboy

How old are you? 5 (he’s 4)

Are you looking forward to starting school? Yeah

What are you most looking forward to? The digging bit.When I go there and they let me and my friends out, then I will see it.

What was your favourite thing about your class room? Hmmm, I think the lego

What was your favourite thing about outside? Urgh, I already said the digging.

What do you most like about your teacher? Her writing a sticker for me (she wrote him out a name sticker when we went for a visit)

Do you like your school uniform? Yeah, I like the colour

Are you looking forward to trying school dinners? Yeah, I think I will like pasta

Are you looking forward to making new friends? Yeah.

What makes you happy? Everywhere

What makes you sad? When Paisley bites me and pinches me

Who is your best friend? Err, I don’t have enough but I’m going to make some

Where are you going to make some? In the garden, because my school does got a garden, doesn’t it?

What do you like to do? Erm I think painting

What is your favourite toy? My car park

What do you want to be when you grow up? A police man with a police doggy like we saw at Pat and Roberts house. That’s what doggy I wanted

What do you love most about Paisley? When she hugs me

What do you love most about Bridget? When she stops crying ( she was crying as I asked him that)

What is your favourite TV Show? I think, er,,,, I thiiiiiink ermm Team UmiZoomi

What is your favourite film? Hmmm I think Lego Batman

How do you make a sandwich? Errrr with some butter and some of ham and some cheese. How do you do it? Ermmm cutting and putting it on and some crispies.

What would you do if you had £1000? I think spend it on something really special (looks really excited!) Like what? Something that we’ve never seen! (Well, that clears that up!)

What super power would you like and why? Hmmm I think flying so I can find baddies!

How many kids would you like when you are older? I think a thousand A thousand? Yeah, and I might like a purse like you and a bus ticket? Why would you like a thousand ‘Cause I really wanted to so I can look after them… and a hundred doggies. And a robot toy.

To make this post a bit more fun, I’m tagging three other bloggers in it so that they can ask their school starters the same questions or even some other ones and discover how they are feeling. These posts are always great to look back on and I can’t wait to read their answers so I’m tagging Lucy, Sarah and Sian.




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  • Reply Lucy H September 2, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    Ha ha. Bless him. I love the answer about thousands of kids. That is going to be a hell of a lot of work. I hope Dexter loves school. He looks really smart in his school uniform. Thank for the tag lovely. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby September 2, 2017 at 8:59 pm

      You’re welcome! I can’t wait to read yours xx

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