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BabyStyle Hybrid: From Edge to Tandem – Review

August 3, 2017

Three children.
Three children under 5.
Two children under two.
Getting out and about with my little crew can be tricky at times.
Luckily for us, the Hybrid Edge that we reviewed at the start of the year actually converts to a tandem model, so the birth of Bridget back in June hasn’t meant we’ve needed to go and buy a whole new pushchair or travel system.

I don’t drive so rely heavily on a pushchair to get all of us where we need to be. We’ve been using the Hybrid as the Edge model for about 8 months now and it has been a dream but obviously when Bridget arrived we needed more than the one seat for it to be suitable. We received the carry cot, the seat risers and the city/tandem axle in exchange for this review. (But as always, thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own)

The Hybrid is pretty simple to convert. I’ve made a very raw, unedited video for you here so you can see just how easy it is. Even Dexter was able to help.
Once I’d converted the Hybrid from Edge to Tandem it was easy to spot some vital differences.

  • You instantly lose the basket space. I was originally quite impressed with the space and strength of the basket but now that is completely gone. You can hang bags on the hooks on the handle but then thy hang in the way of the carrycot/second seat.
  • The back of the carrycot comes out further than the back end of the basket used to and as a result, I’ve often kicked it while walking. There is no room for a buggy board. I think in total it’s 10cm longer and wider.
  • There is only one combination. The seat has to go world facing at the top. It doesn’t fit underneath the carrycot.
  • On taking it out, you immediately notice the shift in the centre of gravity. It’s heavier to tip up curbs for example and steering isn’t as ‘free’. I can imagine if you had just delivered your baby via a caesarean, this might be quite difficult on your stomach muscles.
Hybrid chassis, seat and carrycot in the boot of a ford focus

But with all of that in mind, it does still have some positives.

  • It will still fit in the boot of our ford focus – and thats all three parts, the chassis, the seat and the carrycot.
  • It’s only slightly wider than it was before, so navigating shops is still easy.
  • It looks pretty cool! Many people have commented on how it looks with both parts.
  • It’s quite versatile. I know I said there is only one combination that works with the seat and carry cot, but you still have a choice of having it with two seats/two carry cots, one of each and you can throw a car seat into the mix too.
  • There are lots of other features that I love that I mentioned in my previous review that I still love when it’s in tandem mode so please don’t read this as a negative review. A few of my favourites are…
  • The hood is wonderfully large and the sun screen that pops out is a brilliant feature.
  • It’s so easy to use, to put together, to recline the seat, adjust the handle etc. It’s intuitive. It’s simple.
  • The colour choices are fantastic. I’ve since had colour regret and really wish I’d chosen the red one. But never mind.
  • The handle is lovely with it’s leatherette detail and is simple to adjust to the right height.
  • Both the seat and the carry cot come with mosquito nets and rain covers as standard.
    Find out how to convert the Hybrid Edge from babystyle into a tandem model. Video and review included

    So there you have it. Apart from the lack of bag space, we are really rather quite happy with our Hybrid Tandem.
    You can find out more about the Hybrid Stroller on the Facebook page and Instagram.

If you have a need to adjust the straps on the seat unit, I’ve created a video here where you can follow simple instructions to alter yours.

How to adjust the straps on a Babystyle Hybrid seat

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