How to: Unique Christmas jumper

December 12, 2014

So, here we are, 12th of December and I’ve forgotten to buy my son a Christmas jumper. I remember looking for some and not seeing anything that stood out so left it to come back to. But now, having already way over spent this month, I don’t have money to get him one until 2 days before Christmas which seems a bit pointless really.

So, what did I do?

Well, I made him one.

He already had a blue knitted jumper with white flecks. Great I thought, that looks like snow. And theres only really one thing to add to a jumper that looks like snow….

Can you tell what it is yet?
So I gathered up my tools and set to work.

All I needed was a few buttons, black, white and silver thread, white and orange felt and a piece of scrap fabric for a scarf.

I assembled the snowman first by stitching on buttons, then stitched in a smile.
I added a tiny triangle of orange for his nose and loosely tied the scarf and pinned in place with a small stitch to secure. Then I tacked him to the jumper with a loose white thread before going back round with one of my special Christmas cottons. I figured it needs a bit of sparkle if its to be a Christmas jumper!
And there you have it! One totally unique, hand made Christmas jumper. It cost me nothing to make as I already had everything I needed.

What makes it even better is that it’s ready for him to wear tomorrow when we visit Santa! Yay!

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