How To Make A Hologram Projection Pyramid From Things You Already Have

November 10, 2019

I’d seen these hologram projection pyramid things a few years ago and wanted to have a go at making one but always assumed it would be complicated. I’m in a number of facebook groups for teachers, parents and STEM enthusiasts and I came across a conversation about them so I had a go – I never realised how utterly simple they were to make – so here is how to make A Hologram Projection Pyramid from things you already have in your home.

How To Make A Hologram Projection Pyramid

What You’ll Need

There are actually very few things you’ll need to make one of these and start playing with it today. Pretty much all of these can be found in your home.
You’ll need a marker, ruler, tape, scissors/ craft knife and some clear plastic.
For the clear plastic, I used the sides of a grape punnet but I’ve seen others use CD cases or plastic sheeting.
Instead of tape others have also used clear drying glue, but I found tape more accessible.

What You Need To Make A Holographic Projection Pyramid

How To Make A Hologram Projection Pyramid 

Draw out the trapezium shape as seen in the picture below. Cut this out and then draw around it four times on your piece of clear plastic. (If you have room, you can draw them all touching and cut them out as one piece but I was using a grape punnet so was limited on smooth sides that I could use.)

Cut out your 4 trapeziums and tape them together to form your pyramid – That’s it. That’s really all there is to it.

Pyramid Template
Step by Step – building the pyramid

Projecting Holograms

Search hologram videos on Youtube (or click here if you’re reading this on a mobile) – The ones I found were all quite samey so it doesn’t matter too much which one you pick.

Place your pyramid upside down in the centre of the video image and then watch as the holograms appear in your pyramid.

A UFO hologram

If you have the stuff to hand, you could do this on a bigger scale using a computer monitor laying on its back with a larger pyramid.

Have you made one of these before? I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a much larger piece of plastic to make another one with. Let me know in the comments if you attempt it.

Projection of Earth

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