How can I make homework more fun?

April 15, 2019

How can I make homework more fun?

In most households the word homework can have negative connotations and lead your children to dread it! However as we all know it’s a vital part of school life and needs to be done. So how can we make it more fun for our children? Manor House School, an independent school in Surrey have put together the following list of ideas for us to try at homework time.
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Work together

There is nothing children thrive from more than having one on one attention from their parent or loved one. Try to spend some quality time with your children at the table helping them through any difficult questions. 

Use a sticker chart

A sticker chart is an affordable yet effective way to motivate your children to really put their all into homework time. Award stickers for completing work early, getting good feedback from the teacher or even for not moaning when you ask them to do it! 

Go on educational trips

All homework doesn’t need to be done at the kitchen table. Try making a day of it by planning a family trip to the museum for research or to the local park to observe nature. Your children will be learning without even knowing it! 

Learning apps

In this day and age smart phones and other forms of technology are everywhere; it seems we cannot escape them! So why not use them to our advantage? There are some fantastic leaning apps out there to help you and your child at home work time, make sure you take advantage of them. 

Invite a homework buddy over

Everything is more fun with friends; why not let your child invite a friend over for tea? While you are cooking the dinner they can be working together on their maths homework or creating their latest science project together. 

Don’t take it too seriously! 

Not everything needs to be so serious, smile, laugh and have fun! You are both guaranteed to enjoy homework more when the stress and pressure is taken off and it doesn’t seem so regimented.

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