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Home office space with Posterlounge

April 19, 2019

Disclaimer: Contains gifted products – opinions an photos are my own.

Up until very recently, all of my work was done sitting on the sofa with my laptop resting on my knees, hunched over in my hoody and not very comfortable.
To my side I had piles of papers, notebooks glore and bits and bobs that the kids couldn’t resist touching but that I couldn’t put away because I needed it all close by.
I needed somewhere to work. My own space. Space where I could leave notebooks open and my laptop doing its thing.

So my wonderful husband Liam built me a desk. A gorgeous space of my own. Seriously, it’s so lovely, made from a beautiful piece of local ash – You can see the build process on his Instagram below…

Deskwith posters hanging above it
Happy Desk

Making it mine.

So I had a desk. But it wasn’t very homely. I sat opposite a boring beige wall that wasn’t at all inspiring. I got my self a desk tidy, I repotted and re-homed a succulent (I know, cliché, right?) I even moved Alexa over to join me but I just needed something… more!

A view! That’s what it needed. something I could look at. Something that could motivate me or inspire me. Something that could brighten the place up.


I spent DAYS scrolling through the categories on Posterlounge

There are quite literally thousands of posters and prints to choose from. Did I want a quote? Something funny? Something from a favourite movie?
Maybe something artsy or cute… I had no idea where to start and it took me so long to choose.
I kept putting things in my basket, switching them out for something else, and even leaving them to revisit later with fresh eyes.

image shows a sofa against a white wall with an outline above it showing how poster sizes would look in a room

In the end, I settled on three similar themed designs. Once you’ve chosen your design, you have 3 other choices to make – Size, material and frame.
I opted to just have them as posters so that I could choose my own frame as a later date but honestly, I wish I’d had them framed from the start now (which was, of course, an option that was available to me) because it will just be one of those things that I’ll neglect to do and they’ll remain posters forever. Plus I think they’d look so much better on the wall in frames or neatly sat on those little IKEA shelves.

colourful poster that says do what you love
Do what you love.
Poster that says Be awesome today
Be Awesome Today

Something for everyone.

While I was browsing for something for me, I spotted some others that my husband and kids might like. For Liam, this poster of the rings in a tree trunk was perfect. His love of woodworking is what got me my beautiful desk, after all, and when he gets round to displaying it, this print will look great against the brick walls of his workshop

For Dexter, We’ve been planning a space themed bedroom makeover for such a long time and I was spoilt for choice on posters that would fit the bill but I decided to go for this cute little spaceman with his cute belly sticking out and his space balloons. Dexter loves it so I know it was a good choice.

The unicorn goes perfectly in the grey and pink girls bedroom and when we redecorate for Dexter, the spaceman will be right at home

And for the girls, this beautiful unicorn poster goes perfectly in their pink and grey bedroom that we did up last year.


Posterlounge have allowed me to give one of my lucky readers a £50 voucher to spend on their site.

If you want a chance at winning, head over to my Posterlounge Giveaway post here to find out how.

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