Hello September – Aims, Hopes and Goals for the month

September 1, 2016

It seems fitting that I’m starting this post on the 1st of September(ok, so I published it a day late). The start of the new academic year. The start of autumn. The start of Dexter’s last year at preschool in a new room with new teachers… and the start of me being back at work.
Today I wrote a post on my personal facebook page about my weight loss goal for the month and then saw a picture of my friends running medals that she’s collected recently and felt like I needed to sort my life out, get more organised. What better way to do that than setting some personal goals? And what better time than at the start of a new month?
So here are my aims, goals and hopes for the coming month…

Blog goals

I’m not a big fish in the blogging world. I don’t claim to be, I don’t (think I) want to be but I do really enjoy seeing my followers grow. I concentrate mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I have accounts on other social medias but these are my favourites and I would love to grow these a little bit.

Current numbers: Facebook – 359, Twitter – 1249, Instagram – 584
What I’d like to reach by end of month: Facebook – 370, Twitter – 1280, Instagram – 600

Also in blog goals, I found a linky last month that I intend to take part in each month called the sibling project so I need to make sure I get at least one image for that too

Untitled design (3)

Weight goals

When I was breast feeding Dexter, I was one of those lucky ones that lost weight while doing it. It’s great for burning those extra calories but with Paisley, I’ve fallen into that trap where you set your self up for feeding time by having a drink and a snack ready in case I’m sat in one spot for so long. Paisley is now very efficient with her feeds meaning they take a lot less time than they used to so I really don’t need snacks all the time. As a result, I actually weigh more now than before I had her.

Weight before being pregnant with Paisley – 11st 4lbs

Weight after Paisley – 11st 2lbs

Weight now – 11 st 12lbs

Sooooo my weight loss goal is to lose 8lbs. That equates to 2lb a week over the month. I’m not joining slimming world again just yet but I will if I start to struggle. I’ll be doing school run walks and eating a lot better. I’ll cut down on the snacks and just generally make better food choices.

Family goals

With me going back to work this month, we’re going to struggle to have the same family time that we are currently enjoying. Lately, we’ve been doing a few family walks and playing games in the evenings but with me leaving the house at 5pm and not getting back in until gone 9pm 5 days a week, that’s a huge chunk of family time we’ll be missing out on so I aim to make the most of the time that we do get. I want us to enjoy days out and local events and things. I don’t want it all to stop just because I’m working again.
I guess its all about prioritising and making sure my family come first. It may mean making sacrifices elsewhere, for example I may not get to blog as often but as long as we enjoy what time we have I’m happy. After all, the blog is about them!

I will also be filming one second of footage of my children every day to make a new video for each month. I’ll be using an app called (surprisingly) 1secondeveryday. I hope to capture their personalities, their everyday and how much they grow in these clips.. I just need to remember to do it!


So, what are your goals for September? Do you have a monthly bucket list or any targets you set yourself?






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