Happy Half Birthday, Paisley – 6 Month Update.

July 11, 2016

Wow! 6 months – How has our little girl been here for half a year already? It seems to have flown by so fast. It might sound cliché but it does seem like just yesterday I was debating my options for her birth and now here she is, rolling around all over the place and terrorising her brother. Not that he minds of course, he loves her to bits!IMG_2880

Physical Development

About a day after I wrote her last update Paisley managed to roll over. I knew she would do it soon after I’d published it. Typical! Since then she’s barely stopped. She manages to shuffle herself along too, it’s not often she’ll stay in the same place. She is getting very strong on her legs and often pulls herself up when sat on our laps.
Paisley can sit up for a few seconds unsupported and is getting better at it the more she does it. She’s not quite ready to sit completely on her own but she is almost there and we often sit with her and let go so she can strengthen her muscles. She’s picking up heavier things and can really bounce in her jumperoo. She can also often be found with her feet in her mouth.
She weighs about 19lb but I can’t get an accurate weight because she’s such a fidget. She is mostly wearing 9-12 month clothes with the exception of the odd 12-18 month items.



Paisley has been a trooper at feeding so far. It was so clear she was ready to start weaning. She was even grabbing food out of our hands. We are doing a combination of  purées and baby led weaning and she’s really getting on well with both aspects. I wrote a post on the differences between the two and what are the main foods to avoid while your babies are young. It even included a few tips on  how to prepare purées so it’s well worth a read if you are thinking of weaning soon. I’ve been sharing some weaning pictures on instagram and will be adding a few recipes if we find something she particularly loves.
Apart from that its all booby juice and I’m so immensely proud of how I’ve managed to feed her myself until this point. Credit where it’s due though, she has mostly made it easy.


Broccoli Chops!


She’s completely outgrown the moses basket. Her head and feet are squished at both ends so theres no way she can sleep in there now and she doesn’t like to be on her own. She will often wake and make sure I’m close and then settle again so for now she is in our bed… as is Dexter. Honestly, we have a 3 bedroom house and at the moment, 2 of those rooms are glorified wardrobes as nobody sleeps in them. That said, Liam and I are going away for a night soon so my Mum will be here to have them so I would like to get them both sleeping in their own rooms before then. Ambitious maybe but once they are both doing that we can keep them in there and stick to routines.  We’ll see how that goes. I currently have an airbed set up in Paisleys room… just in case.
We’ve also found she really likes to sleep on her front lately and sleeps so much better so when we put her in her room, (probably tonight) that’s how we’ll put her.



Wow.. There is so much info to take in when you start weaning but one thing nobody ever tells you is about the nappies! I remember when we introduced Dexter to food he had a massive blowout that took 17 wipes before I even go his vest off! Weaning is fun – the nappies that come with it are most certainly not!
It’s also very alarming when you notice tiny little stringy bits of brown in your babies poo… until you realise you fed her banana. TMI maybe but someone has to warn you. The smell changes too, but I’ll let you figure that out. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Play time

Paisley now has a jumperoo. It’s a bit hit and miss, sometimes she loves it, sometimes she doesn’t but it’s handy if I need to put her down somewhere and know she’s safe like if I need to vacuum for example. Other than that she normally lays on our big throw with her toys which include and activity triangle and a couple of instruments and books. I’d like to get her something new thats just hers and more suitable for her age now that she’s 6 months but I’m not sure what yet. Her birthday is right near Christmas which means any gifts she gets are all around the same time of year.
She can be really giggly and loves watching Dexter jumping up and down and dancing around. She thinks it’s funny to pull my glasses off and loves chatting with her funny noises she makes.


Out and about.

Paisley isn’t overly keen on her carseat but once she realises we’re going out she seems fine. She loves being carried in a wrap though and her little legs kick with excitement when she sees me get one out and start wrapping it around me. We borrowed a woven wrap from a sling library and she seems to really like it but I just cant get on with it. I can tie it and wrap it, I just can’t seem to get it quite tight enough so for now I’ll keep using the stretchy and then at the end of the month I’ll try something different. She’s an absolute pleasure to be out with. She doesn’t fuss, she just watches everything that goes on and takes it all in and of course she gets lots of attention!


So the biggest thing she has been doing this month is eating and I will soon be writing a second weaning post that you can follow along with. For that reason I’ve not completely filled this post with the ins and outs of it.
Now that she’s hit 6 months, her next update may not be until 9 months and then her first birthday (OMG that seems crazy to think about right now)
Thank you as always for following along xIMG_2666



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  • Reply Nige July 13, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Great update and how cute fab photos #bestandworst

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      Thanks for reading 🙂

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    Ahhh such a gorgeous post, she looks soooo much like you in the last picture 🙂 Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

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      Haha you think so? She definitely resembles my side of the family

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    Aw happy half birthday! Looks like she’s getting on really well x #thelist

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      She is, thank you

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    Aww how cute! Sounds like she’s doing so well! #thelist

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      She is, thank you

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