Halloween Sensory Bath

October 31, 2017

One of the best pieces of parenting advice I’ve ever been giving was if your kids are going crazy, stick them in the water. I don’t mean drown the little buggers, that’s frowned upon, I mean put them in the bath. And it’s something that always works and something I’ve done since Dexter was an only child.
If you can make that bath fun and/or sensory/ educational even better!
This weekend, we took the kids to a Halloween party hosted by our ex-neighbours. In their goody bags, between them, they got a plastic frog, a skeleton, a bat and an eyeball. During their Sunday evening bath, I let them chuck the goodies in with them. Then I was hit by a flash of inspiration.

So this morning I headed into town to pick up some plastic Halloween crap and some glow sticks. Tonight’s bath was brilliantly spooky.
We filled the tub with warm bubbly water as normal and then tipped in all manner of spooktacular stuff.
We had frogs, flies, eyeballs skeletons, bats and all sorts and then for an added hint of Halloween… some glow sticks.
The kids absolutely loved it. We turned the bathroom light out for some gloriously gruesome glow fun.
Once the novelty had started to die down a bit, we played a game of first to find, which really had them exploring beneath the bubbles.

If I’d thought about this in advance, I would also have added some spooky foam sheet shapes as they stick quite easily to the tiled walls. Maybe even some of that spider webbing stuff hanging from the shower head, the shower curtain and taps. Also, that Gelli Baff stuff that turns the water into slime! Man, I wish I’d thought of this before!We will definitely be doing this again next year and I’m already planning some other themed sensory baths!

Why not give it a go yourselves. What would you add? Don’t forget to pin this on your Pinterest boards too!

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