Halloween at Home in 2020

November 7, 2020

*I was offered a Halloween gift hamper in exchange for mentioning Freezedebt in this post – All thoughts and images are my own.*

Everything has been a bit different this year, hasn’t it? And we’re generally not very big on Halloween, but sometimes you just have to take your excitement and family times where you can get them. So this Halloween, with the threat of a second lockdown hanging over us, we put in some extra effort with the help of FreezeDebt

I wasn’t about to spend a load of money I didn’t have on things we would only use for one night so we looked at what we had, borrowed some decorations and set about deciding on costumes.

I remember when I was a kid, bin bags played a big part in our Halloween costumes so when Dexter said he wanted to be a bat, we had no trouble knocking something up. He wore black jogging bottoms and a hoody and I cut some bat wings out of a bin bag and attached to his hoody with a few simple stitches.

Bridget wanted to be a witch. Rather than an average witch, we decided on Hermione. So we dressed Bridget in some of Paisley’s school uniform, and dug a Gryffindor cape out of the dressing up basket. The cape was actually a real bargain when we bought it as it only cost us £1 in a charity shop about 3 years ago.

Paisleys outfit was my absolute favourite! After scrolling through my phone to look for ideas, she decided on Rosie the Riveter.
She wore her own jeans and boots, Dexters shirt and my lipstick, eyeliner and headband. She made the cutest Rosie ever! (At the last minute though, she just grabbed a cape out of the dressing up box and didn’t want to be Rosie any more – at least I managed to grab a picture before she changed her mind)

My sister was working over Halloween so I was on hand to look after her daughter too. My sister is much bigger on Halloween than I am so she had a load of decorations she wouldn’t be using and lent them to us for the evening.

During the day, we played Cluedo Jr (which was sent to us from Freezedebt). we made chocolate apples, carved pumpkins bobbed for apples and then had a scavenger hunt before coming home and watching the new witches movie.

I’ve never really liked the idea of encouraging my children to knock on strangers doors for sweets so this Halloween was actually much better. We had a good variety of games, we didn’t spend lots of money on costumes and the only money we spent was on 4 pumpkins at 65p each – So it just goes to show, you don’t have to spend a lot to have a good time and make sure your children don’t miss out.

I’d like to say thank you to Freezedebt for helping to make our Halloween a little bit more special by helping us stay safe and save money. If you’re looking for a way to manage your personal debt without it getting the way of a busy family lifestyle, you can check out their app here

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