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Gifts for Little People 2020

November 23, 2020

(Some items in this guide were sent to us for inclusion. These have been marked with a *)
This year, we’re really struggling for ideas for our three, especially Bridget. Being the third child, she has hand-me-downs of everything which makes her harder to buy for. but I’ve managed to piece together a few ideas that might help anyone in the same situation as us


The Danger Gang – Tom Fletcher*

We’re about 80% of the way through this book and every night Dexter howls with laughter. Tom Fletcher also wrote ‘The Dinosaur that pooped…’ books which are brilliantly funny. We’d definitely buy more of his work from now on. The Danger Gang follows Franky’s adventures in a new town called Freaky. He writes to his best friend Dani, back in his old town and tells her all of the freaky details.

Blue Planet II*

Blue Planet II is based on the Iconic BBC series with David Attenborough.It has been beautifully put together and takes a look at life beneath the waves from the warm tropics to the icey poles. The illustrations are beautiful and there is so much information. A wonderful book for any child interested in wildlife, sea creatures or saving the planet.

Five Minute Mum.*

This book is more for the parents than the kids themselves but… its aimed at keeping the children entertained with a fun range of activities. Written by Daisy Upton (who you can find here on Instagram).
there are activities to keep them active, activities to help them start school, a whole bunch on phonics and counting and so much more. This one comes highly recommend for when you just need 5 minutes to yourself and you don’t even have to buy lots of special equipment. All activities are simple enough to set up with things you already have

STEM Gifts

Science Kits from John Adams Toys

These were actually kindly gifted to us for inclusion in this gift guide last year, but how cool are these?
A bit different from your usual science sets that are based around simple experiments (baking soda and vinegar anyone?) These sets aim to each teach a different thing. We’re going to start with the beating heart experiment first that has all sorts of tubing and balloons for you to put together to replicate an actual heart beat a brilliant way to get hands-on with science!

Build your own paper plane launcher.

This ‘build your own paper plane launcher’ can be found on Not on the high street Budding engineers will enjoy hours of fun with this STEM-inspired paper plane launcher. Once assembled, the real fun begins – there are 10 different Fold ‘n’ Fly paper planes to experiment with. Which will fly the furthest? Which will be the fastest?


My First Bananagrams – Perfect for early literacy skills

My First Bananagrams is sort of like a child version of scrabble except there is no board. There are single letters and digraphs so that early readers can have fun making words and it ties into the way they are taught in school. I love that they have made different colours for similar letters ie ‘b’ and ‘d‘ and that all the vowels are the same. This game is perfect for us as Paisley started in reception at school so is starting to get on well with her reading and writing. We also use them with Dexter to make his spellings more fun.

Sight Word Bingo

Another literacy game recommendation is Sight Word Bingo. Simple enough to play and with two difficulty levels, my three have really enjoyed this one so far. They don’t even realise they’re learning!

Keeping active


Dexter, Paisley and Bridget all have this JD Bug Junior Kids MS100. School runs are a breeze and they take up such little storage space. We can shove them in the boot of the car, under the stairs and the kids manage them really well. Much cheaper than some of the bigger brands too.

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