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Gifted: Hexbugs Nano Playground – Review

October 6, 2020

I’ve not reviewed a kids toy for aaaages! Being on lockdown has meant not buying anything for quite some time (except essentials) and we’ve been making do with what we already had. But the opportunity to review the new HexBug Nano Playground came up and I thought my kids deserved a treat so why not. We’ve had HexBugs before and the kids love them so it made sense.

Hexbugs Nano Playground

HexBugs Nano Playground

If you’ve ever had Hexbugs before, you will know that they are tiny little vibration powered robot bugs that when switched on, give the illusion of them walking.

The nano playground includes two standard Hexbugs – but also comes with a new flash nano bug – which is slightly bigger, two times faster and lights up. It also has the ability to correct itself if it gets turned over.

The Nano Playground has a selection of pieces which you can connect together in all sorts of combinations. There are two ramps that connect to a hexagonal platform. Colourful edge pieces keep the bugs from wandering off the edge of the platform. Also included are 8 brightly coloured flexible jelly walls, 8 jelly wall connectors and 2 merry go round obstacles.

Nano Universe

As with any good toy, the Hexbugs habitats are compatible with other Hexbugs sets, so when I get round to digging them out, we’ll be adding more bits to our play. But there are also other new sets in the Hexbug Nano range such as the Nanoplex, Nano Orbit and the Nano Starter Set

The Hexbugs take LR44 batteries (one in a standard bug and two in the flash nano) which come included so that they are ready to run and each of the bugs has a small switch hidden either underneath or at the back.

Hexbugs make a great connect and collect range as they are suitable from the age of three – so your collection can grow with your children. They’d make a fab Christmas or birthday present this year and are available from Smyths.

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