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Getting through Christmas with Mrs Mactivity

January 3, 2019

This past December was a manic one, to say the least. The parties and school plays and everything else would have been enough to handle without the 2 hospital visits on top and the dreaded sickness bug. 
Thankfully though, we’ve had Mrs Mactivity on hand to keep the kids occupied.

Mrs Mactivity is an adorable website of learning resources made my teachers and tested by kids. The website is very easy to navigate and there are so many things available for various topics throughout the year but throughout December we were particularly concentrating on the Christmas section.

One of the first things I downloaded was the Christmas writing frames. I thought these would be brilliant for Dexter to use to write his letter to Santa (which he started writing but never finished). There were lots of frame shapes to chose from and these can be used for any sort of festive themed writing exercises

Boy writing a letter to Father Christmas
Writing to Santa

We kept these aside for Dexter to do some word practices (he has been concentrating on making the ‘A’ sound at school so we looked at words with ai, eigh and ay etc in them. 

We also printed out a bunch of dot to dots which were great for helping Paisley to recognise numbers in order (and Bridget thoroughly enjoyed scribbling on them)

There were lots of other activities for Christmas on the Mrs Mactivity site and I would have loved to have done more but as I mentioned, our Christmas was chaotic!

screen grab of the Mrs Mactivity learning resources website
Mrs Mactivity learning resources – There is so much available, even a Greatest Showman section!

That said, there are a whole host of other learning resources that are well worth checking out. For less than £10, you can get a years membership which gives you unlimited access on everything on the site – This, I think is an incredible price.

There are plenty of different topics that you can put to use throughout the year, lots of phonics things, classroom materials, there is a bit for childminders, a SEN section and so much more. 

Right now, I’m going to print off a winter hunt list to maybe do with Paisley on the school runs. As she doesn’t currently go to preschool, I really want to start getting her interested in learning. She’ll be 3 soon and is really quite bright so I’m sure she’s going to love it.

We were given a premium membership worth £9.97 for this review but actually, I would have happily paid that. We will be coming back to this site many times over the coming year and if you are thinking about homeschooling, wanting to give your preschooler a head start or wanting to do something extra with your school aged child then this is fantastic and this has a fab selection of activities. 

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