Get Your Garden Ready for Summer

April 23, 2019

Winter is finally over and it has probably left your garden looking a bit worse for wear, I know mine is in need of some TLC! Well, it’s finally time to pack away your winter coats and get out the gardening gloves – it’s time to get your garden ready for summer.

As soon as the first hint of sun comes out in spring, we are all itching to get out our BBQ, garden furniture, and enjoy the rare sunny weather we get here in the UK. There is nothing better than having a gorgeous outdoor space where you can unwind after a long week and enjoy the sunshine. Spring is the perfect time to get outside and get your garden ready for summer – this way once the first signs of summer come out, you are ready for it. We love to get our kids outside in the garden when we get the chance, it’s a great place to explore and get some much needed time in the fresh air. If your garden doesn’t feel like a comfortable place to spend time then you are much less likely to utilise it as much as you should. Well, i’m here to help make sure that this summer you have a garden you truly love spending time in. Keep reading for five tips for a summer ready garden.

5 Tips for a Summer Ready Garden


Your lawn is the foundation of your entire garden, so it is important to make sure that it is looking lucious and green to get your garden ready for summer. It can be difficult to maintain your lawn, which is why it can be really helpful to have a lawn treatment service. Greensleeves lawn care and lawn treatment services specialise in all aspects of lawn care, leaving you with a lush, green, healthy lawn. Having the perfect lawn is the best way to start getting your garden ready for Summer.


Your lawn is healthy and green, now it’s time to focus on the rest of your garden. Flowers, trees, veg – whatever it is you grow in your garden, make sure to give them some TLC to ensure that they are looking happy and beautiful. This is a great way to get your garden summer ready, creating a gorgeous environment that anybody would enjoy sitting in. Choose flowers with a strong scent that you love for an extra pleasurable experience.

Create a BBQ Area

Nothing says summer quite like a good old BBQ, a great way to get the family together and enjoy eachothers company in the great outdoors over some delicious food. To make sure you are always ready for when BBQ weather hits, create an area in your garden dedicated to the BBQ. This way you won’t have to roll it in and out of the shed everytime the sun peers through, instead invest in a lovely cover to protect it when it’s not in use.

Dust off the Garden Furniture

Having some comfortable garden furniture to sit on is a must when you get your garden ready for summer. Sure, sitting on a blanket on the grass can be fun, but it’s also nice to have the opportunity to get cosy on some lovely chairs or an outdoor sofa. When having guests over you want to make sure everyone is accommodated for, and there are many who will prefer being able to sit on some furniture. This also creates a great place to spend time by yourself as well as with others – reading books, listening to music, getting some work done, everything’s better when it’s done in the sunshine.

Get Some Shade

The sun is great, but it’s important to have an area where you can still enjoy the outdoors without being exposed to the sun. This goes hand in hand with your garden furniture, especially when it comes to having a table where you might eat your food. Shade can be achieved with a canopy or a simple garden umbrella. Opt for an umbrella over your table for the opportunity to take it down and be in the sun when you feel like it!

Enjoy Your Garden This Summer

Dust off the winter cobwebs and get working outside – it’s time to get your garden ready for summer. This summer is set to be a scorcher, so don’t waste it with a garden that you can’t enjoy yourself in! The most important part of having your garden ready is maintaining your lawn and plants. Invest in some lawn treatment and get your hands dirty planting flowers and keeping them thriving and you’re on your way to having the perfect garden for the summer.

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