Friday Phone Dump – Sept 1st – 7th 2017

September 8, 2017

Last week I revived my Friday Phone Dump posts. The idea of the Friday Phone Dump is pretty much exactly what you would expect. I take lots of ‘unpretty’ or ‘not worthy of Instagram’ photos on my phone. Pictures that if you follow the rules (Ha! Me?), shouldn’t be in a blog post. But the way I see it is those pictures are real. Those pictures are what I/the kids/the house look like every day and why shouldn’t I share them? Why should I only show the pictures where I’ve cropped out the mess?
So here’s what we’ve been up to over the last week.

Sept 1st- 7th

Well, last Friday marked the last day of the school holidays so went on a picnic with my mum, my brother, and sister. We sat by a lock to eat and were hoping to see some boats but we only saw one actually use the lock. We then wandered around a field and across the stream before heading back to the car and hitting up MaccyDs for some McFlurries.

Later that evening Liam, the kids and I met up with a friend to walk her lovely little dog, Purdy. Dexter absolutely LOVES Purdy and talks about her quite often. Bless him. Maybe if I ever get broody again we’ll get a dog now that babies are off the table. But that will be a long way off.

Over the weekend, we did some car painting on the garden slide. A strip of paper and some squirts of paint provide loads of fun. Follow it up with a makeshift car wash and you’re sorted!
I had my nieces to look after for a day so we went for a walk to try and get the three younger ones to nap. For one day only, I had 5 kids. FIVE!! Aged 11, 4, 20 months, 10 months, and 11 weeks. 3 of them in nappies. It was surprisingly fun but took a bit of figuring out.
I suppose the biggest thing that has happened this week, was my first born started school. Dexter loved his first day and from what he has said he had to look in the mirror and paint a self-portrait, which sounds like fun! It’s so strange seeing him in uniform. He looks so smart.
So how has your week been? Tell me about it in the comments xx

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