Friday Phone Dump #5

April 10, 2015

Wow! Its been a while since I’ve done one of these. I really should keep on top of them! I could’ve done a few collages to get everything in over the last couple of months but I’ve just picked a few highlights that haven’t already been blogged about. So here we are – FPD number 5…

Top L-R.  March saw the return of the C2C festival at the o2. Meeting Sam Palladio (Gunnar from the program Nashville) totally made my entire weekend. Dexter and I finally met my friends new dog Purdy. She so cute! Check out her instagram.  Dexter decorated a bonnet for the Easter bonnet competition at preschool and won 3rd prize in his category.

Middle L-R.  I’ve been practicing a bit with some Zentangle type patterns and have bought myself some lovely pens and paper to use. Its a very relaxing art form. Liam’s sister paid for us all to go on an Easter train ride along the Nene Valley. Dexter is obsessed with trains and had a fabulous time! He got way to much chocolate for Easter but it was balanced out with new colouring books, colours and a drawing pad.

Bottom L-R.  We have signs of life on the allotment with the onions starting to spring up. A day at the park with Abbie and her mummy. Dexter is getting very good at climbing on things at the park but makes me cringe when he just dives right in. Followed by a day at ferry meadows for a picnic with mum and my siblings. Dexter loves watching the train go past and he was so good. we didn’t take his buggy or his reigns and he stayed close and held my hand when I asked him to.


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