Friday Phone Dump – 25.03.16

March 25, 2016

PhotoGrid_1458867871873What have we been up to this week? Well, the start of the week was mainly egg decorating, ready for the competition at Dexters Pre-school. We made quite a few so that we had a choice of what to enter. Our preparation paid off as we won in all 3 of the categories we entered. For my entry into the parents category, I dyed my eggs in onion skins (if you would like to know how, let me know in the comments and I’ll do a separate post on that) and I came first! Dexter’s entries were one covered in googley eyes (which actually makes a brilliant shaker) and one that he decorated as a chick. He came 3rd in his category, as did mum who decorated hers with nail varnish, nail embellishments and ribbon. We had a great time and Paisley even won a little ELC lamb pram toy in the raffle, which she has since been smiling away at.

Dexter has a thing about diggers and has a few toy ones so I let him bring in his tough spot full of gravel where here happily sat for ages, scooping stones and transporting them about. We really should use this more. Any suggestions?

We made an Easter tree so that we had somewhere to hang the glitter and sand eggs that we made.  I’ve never had an easter tree before and didn’t much see the point but it’s really brought a festive atmosphere with it. The branches take up a fair bit of room though so we may have to move it for our Easter roast.
We’ve also been making Easter chocolate nests. Such a simple recipe and apart from using the cooker, Dexter is pretty much capable of doing it all himself.

And dinner – mash in this house has been revolutionised by the potato ricer. If you like mash and don’t have one, please do yourself a favour. It makes mash in half the time and the texture is lovely! I’ve never had mash so good!

So that’s been our week. What have you been up to?

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