Friday Phone Dump #2

January 24, 2015


A day late this week, but we aren’t feeling well so I’m sure we can be forgiven. We have a couple of firsts to share with you too.
His first time drinking out of a big boy cup at baby club. Normally he only gets to do this at home but he did very well, didn’t spill any and then on wednesday, we were off to Nanny’s for lunch and he wanted to walk. He walked most of the way and was taking everything in but then Nanny rang and said we were taking too long.

Top L-R. Trying on Mummy’s glasses. Fun with beads. On the phone
Middle L-R. Too tired to eat. Bath time. Drinking from a big boy cup at baby club.
Bottom L-R. So small at Big sky. First time walking to nanny’s house. On the phone again.


* * * * *

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