Friday Phone Dump 17.07.16

June 17, 2016

Just lately my posts have consisted of Paisley’s monthly updates and the odd review thrown in for good measure. Thats not how I want to blog. I wanted to share our ‘day-to-day’, our ‘normal’ – good, bad, or very ugly so I’m bringing back the Friday phone dump. (again!)

Last Saturday I spend the evening at a friends for a girls night in. I’m normally the person making excuses for these kind of things but really needed to get out so I took Paisley along with me. It was a lovely evening with a few drinks (I was on cream soda) snacks, (humous and carrot sticks) and some good conversation with actual real life adults!

Saturday also saw Paisley turn 5 months old! You can read her latest update here.IMG_2521


Sunday was mostly spent trying to sneak toys into the bin without Dexter noticing as we tried to rearrange the living room. Honestly, he has so much stuff!

On Monday, the weather was absolutely awful! We’d got ready to take Dexter to preschool, stepped outside and were all soaked so quickly came back in and let him have the day off. Instead we played some of his board games. Well, I played… he cheated!IMG_2569

Tuesday, Dexter had a hospital appointment which was just a check up from an operation he had well over a year ago. This was the final check up so he won’t have to go back. Good job too because the doctors we saw absolutely terrified him!

Wednesday we made our first trip to our local sling library. I’ve been meaning to go for months and just keep putting it off but we finally made it. I’ve hired a woven wrap at the moment but already thinking about hiring a Mei Tai next. The lady that runs it is nice and friendly and has absolutely loads of carriers. If you are interested in baby wearing I totally recommend finding your local library and going along. they can go over different styles and things with you and show you how to use them properly so that you are confident to wear your baby out and about.IMG_2609

Thursday, Dexter was very testing. He’s already lost the use of his tablet by 7.30 am and the day didn’t improve much from there. If you follow me on twitter you may have seen me tweeting from various hiding places while I tried to just step away for 5 mins. It didn’t work though. I was followed.

We’ve had a few selfies over the last week too. I’d like to get a family photoshoot done at some point. I’d love some proper photos of us all on our living room wall but for now, I’m loving the selfies.IMG_2559IMG_2565

IMG_2603Which brings us to today. Today will probably be spent doing a spot of tidying, finishing off Liam’s Fathers Day pressie and maybe some blog work if I get chance. Oh, and at some point I’ll need to rustle up a dinner from the lack of ingredients in my kitchen.


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