Friday Phone Dump #1

January 16, 2015

I’ve seen this done over a few blogs that I peek at and thought it was a lovely idea. I’m not sure who started it so unsure who to credit, but whoever you are, I think its a great way to share the everyday moments that might not otherwise make it on to the blog or perhaps aren’t ‘big enough’ to warrant a post of their own.

So here are just a few phone snaps I’ve gathered over the last week… I look forward to making this a weekly feature on Messy Stains so please feel free to check back



Top L-R. Using his drill to make some adjustments, Aimi and Ellie come to play, Kisses with Ellie

Middle L-R. Selfies while brushing Mummy’s hair, Chilling on the sofa with the remote (just like Daddy) and Healthy lunchtime

Bottom L-R Cheesy grins, Naked puzzle time, and my little book worm reading Hairy Maclary to himself.


* * * * *

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