For the love of… Christmas!

December 24, 2017

I’m one of those. You know those people that just love Christmas. All of it. All the time. We have our decorations up mid-November. I have Christmas PJs, Christmas t-shirts, Christmas hats, Christmas socks… I even have a big pair of elf slippers. I’ve got Christmas jumpers that sing and even one that lights up (although I’ve put them all somewhere and can’t find them!). I’m not at all fussed by the manic shoppers, the full carparks and the queues. To me, Christmas is magic. It’s a feeling. it’s certainly not just for one day.
Whilst I’m not a religious person, I believe Christmas is a whole season of goodwill. People are much more charitable. We remember people that aren’t with us any more or even friends we’ve not seen in a while. Just this week I’ve seen some fantastic campaigns going on where people are working tirelessly and selflessly to help others. Hannah is trying to fund her Randon Acts of Kindness Scheme,  Jaime has done so much for Women’s Aid with her reverse advent and then there is Sarah, mum of Hadley, who is taking a picture of herself on the loo, all over advent to raise awareness of the lack of suitable toilet areas for people with disabilities.

Loo Advent

I mean, if those three alone don’t give you the festive feels, I don’t know what will. But even if we aren’t doing these big acts of kindness, the little ones really count too. People are more likely to donate to food banks or buy an extra gift at Christmas. People offer their spare seats at the dinner table to people that are alone. They buy gifts for their elderly neighbours, just because. I get a bit emotional at Christmas because it’s one time of year when you can truly see the good in people.
Of course, there are twinkly decorations, the smiles and excitement on my kids faces as they tear open their presents, the laughter with my sisters as we play another ridiculous game, Oh, and dont forget the pigs in blankets… but for me, the biggest thing I love about Christmas.. is the kindness of others.

I asked some other bloggers what it is they love about Christmas. Here are some of their responses.

  • I love the festive feel, that people are generally cheery and more helpful to their fellow man or woman!  – KatyKicker
  • I love the excuse to eat lots of food, spend time with the family and you can’t beat a good panto for proper belly laughs – we’re going to see 8 this year! – Mrs MulledWine
  • I love all the cheesy Christmas films, all the Christmassy things in shops and just doing generally festive things! I don’t care if it’s early November, I’m wrapping my Christmas presents up with a Christmas film or music on. It’s such a lovely time of year full of fun, family and friends. It gives me something to look forward to on these dark cold nights.  – Autumns Mummy
  • I love the fairy lights and the cosiness, having the family together and the lovely atmosphere. Absolutely love Christmas x  –
  • I love the constant Christmas songs everywhere you go – in the shops, on the radio in the car, you can escape them! A good rendition of Driving Home for Christmas just makes me smile!! –
  •  I love the fact that there is Christmas music everywhere you turn. It’s the same old songs again and again, yet they always get me into the festive spirit. 
  • I love the anticipation and the planning. I spend all year on Pinterest pinning craft things for myself and some for the kids. My birthday is in November and any birthday money I get usually goes on Christmas crafting supplies.
  • I am completely Christmas obsessed even start singing Xmas songs in June!! I just love everything about it, the music in the shops, the atmosphere, the presents, setting up Santa’s plate and just the fact of having good quality family time –
  • I look forward to the Christmas movies. They’re a great excuse to just stop and relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the festive season.
  •  I love everything about Christmas! The decorations in the shops, the music, the planning, the days out to see Santa. My little girl will be almost 2 this year, she’s loving wandering around the shops trying to find ‘sanda’ 😂
  •  I love making our home all cosy and decs go up 1st Dec. The best part now we have kids is taking them to see Santa, the lights go on in town and how excited they are for the day. I can’t wait! Https://
  • I love buying gifts for everyone. I really enjoy thinking about what people would love, going out to the shops with all the festive displays in them and shopping for the gifts and then wrapping them up. It makes me feel all warm inside to give a gift I know somebody will love! 

  • I love the feeling of magic, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. The giving of gifts to the people that mean the most to me. Watching my 5 sons get excited on the run up to Christmas and all the family activities we get involved in. Making memories and traditions that hopefully my own boys will carry on with their families in the future.
  • I just love the magic. Everything’s a little nicer at Christmas – people, food, places – and I love getting the whole family together. 
  • I love the run up to Christmas. The music on the radio the adverts , the twinkly lights and planning our dinner.
  • I love being able to shut myself off from the outside world for a couple of days and just stay indoors all warm and cosy, eating, drinking and playing with my boys. “We’ve got no deeds to do, no promises to keep” …..(lyrics from a song)!! Proper quality family time with no stress of work  –
So there you have it. Lot’s of reasons to love Christmas. What are your favourite things during the festive period? What really makes you feel Christmassy. I’d love you to share yours below

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