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October 23, 2019

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Although this is the season to get spooky with Halloween, trick-or-treating, and buying loads of sweets and chocolate for the kiddies, Christmas is just around the corner! And, as you can imagine, my kids have already started ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ (so to speak), getting excited for the big day and writing their letters to Santa in the North Pole asking for gifts, gifts, and more gifts!

Dolls, jigsaw puzzles, action figures, video games, cuddly animal toys, there are so many options these days that as parents it’s enough to make your head spin! 

But this time, I want to buy them a unique present suitable for all seasons and something they’ll love to play outdoors with (considering the growing mountain of toys inside our house).

I am a firm believer in letting your kids loose out into the big wide world for them to explore, keep active, and discover nature’s hidden surprises! Going to the park, travelling in the car to lots of different places, and playing in a garden filled with toys is a regular scene at our house, and I want them to make the most of it.

Speaking of cars, Dexter and Paisley love to play with their MicroMotorz. Racing them all around the living room, kitchen, and bedroom like Lewis Hamilton himself! 

And this got me thinking… wouldn’t it be cool if they could have their very own set of wheels just like mummy and daddy? 

As I hopped on to my laptop and searched around, I came across a website called Electric Ride On Cars. At this moment a lightbulb popped up above my head! Toys that Dexter, Paisley, and eventually Bridget can use and experience the fun of driving. Perfect!

The website offers a range of electric toy cars and bikes suitable for all levels and ages in a variety of colours! I particularly love the look of the electric scooters. They’d be great for the school run, and don’t take up much room in the house!

I could buy a sporty Lamborghini for Dexter, or a sleek floor to floor ride on car for Bridget and Paisley would LOVE a 4×4 – I can totally see her in that! – the choices are endless! 

All cars are designed to look like real brands from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, to Land Rover, Ferrari and more. These are the type of cars adults, let alone kids, dream of as they zoom around in their own pint-size vehicle. 

What more could a child want?

I was also impressed with their high level of safety. Their products are made to be light and kid friendly no sharp edges to hurt your little ones. Special features like seat belts, parental remote control, and thick inflatable tyres for a smoother ride are always a bonus in my book too.

Prices range from £30 to £100+ depending on the product, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Plus, if you need any repairs, check out the spare parts shop to keep your car, bike, or scooter on the move. A great value for money!

Overall, Electric Ride On Cars is a great site if you’re looking to send your kids on an epic road trip adventure! 

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