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Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas 2020

November 23, 2020

(Some items in this guide were gifted to me for inclusion. They are marked with a *)
This year, I wanted to do my gift guides a little different. I wanted to focus on themes rather than arranging everything by gender or age. My first gift guide for Christmas 2020 is for the eco-conscious. We’ve all been made much more aware of our surroundings and many of us have found comfort in our gardens and green space this year and so we are looking at ways to lessen our impact on the planet.

Reusable Menstrual Products

Tampons, pads and pantyliners along with their packaging create a substantial amount of waste that will far outlive the user of the product. We are all so much more conscious about our waste and single-use products etc and periods are no exception. Made to look and feel like regular undies, these clever undies from ModiBodi, hold a little secret, they have all been made to hold 1-2 tampons worth of liquid, yet no one would ever know you were on your period! Clever hey! Between these and period cups, you can most certainly have wast free periods.

Beevive Keyring

I was given this for my birthday by a dear friend of mine and honestly, it was the most perfect gift. Inside the metal tube is a small glass vial of sugar water. Whenever I come across a tired bee, I always do my best to help it on its way – now I always have just what the bee needs, right on my keys. When I get round to it I’m going to order another for my bag and a few spare vials. Bees are so important to a healthy environment so its very important we give them all the help we can. You can get your Beevive Keyring here!


Getting outside is so important for our mental health – now more than ever and I absolutely love that I can keep up with the kids now with my very own Frenzy adult scooter. I take it on the school run and all sorts. Scooters are easy to use, suitable for adults and children alike and are a great form of exercise.
Not only that, They are much better for the environment than travelling by car – especially on small journeys like the school run.

Reusable Cup – Ohelo*

Reusable cups are everywhere these days – and rightly so. But this one from Ohelo is made safer with lead-free solder as well as being BPA, BPS and BPF free. A true multi-tasker! Continuing with the bee theme, this has certainly become my favourite mug. I take it to the allotment with some sweet chai tea and it stays warm for up to 6 hours (or cold for 12 hours)

Glass Straws*

Absolutely billions of plastic straws are used and thrown out every year around the world, ending up in landfill, oceans and the environment. It’s so wasteful that even the big fast-food chains are now moving away from plastic.
Glass straws are not just easy to clean, these ones from Vaso are reusable, sustainable and recyclable. You can even get a bamboo travel case for them, meaning you can take them out too!

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