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Easy Bedroom Makeover with Stickerscape Wall Stickers

July 14, 2019

Dexter has the smallest bedroom in our house. He’s the only boy so he doesn’t share it with anyone but it also means his room has been the last one to be decorated.
We’ve been meaning to do a space themed bedroom for ages and while it’s not fully finished, the transformation so far is awesome.
*We were gifted these wall stickers from Stickerscape – thoughts and pictures are our own*

Dexter’s solar system room

About Stickerscape

Stickerscape make high-quality wall stickers especially for children, from the highest quality materials which will remove cleanly (without damaging the paintwork!) when the time comes for a change.
Founded in 2012, Jo came up with the idea when pregnant with her daughter. She was excited about creating a fun, engaging place for her to grow and play in and after chatting with her friend Mike, Stickerscape was born.

A few of the space sticker options

Stickerscape sells both its own designs and licensed character wall stickers. Manufactured in Hampshire, they’re more than happy to take on bespoke commissions or personalise designs to ensure that you get a finished result that’s perfect for your space and family.

Dexter’s room

As I said before, Dexter’s room is the smallest in our house. The only furniture that fits in it at the moment is his bed and a wardrobe – and there isn’t enough room to open that fully. That said, there is one wall that has nothing on it or against it so we chose that one to decorate with the Stickerscape wall stickers.
We are planning on bringing a few more space elements to the room with some glow in the dark stars, perhaps some model rockets hanging from the ceiling, that sort of thing.

Getting the placement right

Applying the stickers

We gave the walls a wipe down with a cloth just to make sure they were free of any dust.
We then cut out each of the stickers so that we could work our where to place them.
There is a handy guide on the Stickerscape website that shows you how to apply them. They’re super straightforward to do and all you need is a sore card (or similar)

How to apply wall stickers

Our thoughts about Stickerscape wall stickers

The hardest part of the Stickerscape process was actually choosing which ones to pick. We knew we wanted space themed so thought it would be fairly easy but there are absolutely loads to choose from, just in that category alone!
They arrived rolled in a box so there was very little risk of them being damaged or creased before they got to us.
The stickers went on really well without the need for any specialist equipment and I love the difference they’ve made to his room. Dexter is super happy with his solar system bedroom.
Considering our house is rented, having stickers on the wall is a fantastic way of personalising your space without redecorating and doesn’t damage any paintwork.
They’ve added a great feature to Dexter’s room in a very small amount of time and I would definitely consider more in the future.

The set we were gifted for this review was £30 for the large set and can be found here

You can find Stickerscape here or on these social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

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