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Digital People in Peterborough

August 2, 2017

Tonight I went along to Bewiched Coffee where they host Digital People in Peterborough, or DPiP, as it’s affectionately known.
DPiP is basically a monthly meeting of like minded people that have an interest in ‘digital’ in some aspect of their life, whether through hobbies or work.

DPiP is about collaborative knowledge sharing and engagement through digital technology. Informal social gatherings for anyone working or interested in digital content. Monthly meetings held in central Peterborough on the first Wednesday of every month. Non-profit free social event and open to all.

I’ve been along once before back in March and really enjoyed it but then with working evenings, my difficult pregnancy, and then baby brain causing me to forget last month, I’ve only just been able to attend again.

The free meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month and feature talks from developers, marketers, designers, engineers etc and there are normally two talks per meeting.

This evening’s talks were about google analytics and (with a change to the planned schedule) good egg recruitment. One of the organisers, Tia, gave a little talk about the Peterborough STEMfestival – which actually sounds REALLY interesting!

Everyone had name badges and the atmosphere was really friendly. Also, the Honeycomb Blast iced coffee was delicious.
I didn’t get as much from the google analytics talk, as I was hoping but I learnt a bit and I got a couple of hours out of the house to have just a little bit of me time. Not every talk is going to appeal to every person – and that’s ok.

I will definitely be back again. Hopefully they will have more blog related talks in the future.

Oh, and remind me to tell you about this STEMfestival thing some time… You’re going to want to hear about that!

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