Dexter’s first term at pre-school

July 15, 2015
First day at preschool

Dexter’s First Day

Tomorrow marks the end of Dexter’s first term at pre-school. He hasn’t actually been there a whole term, he only started when he turned 2 last month making him the youngest child in the setting. In total it works out about 6 weeks and even then, he only goes to two 2.5 hour sessions a week.

In the short time he has been going, I’ve noticing some real development in his speech. He’s able to tell me so much more about things and describe whats going on. He’s getting better at sentences and is coming out with words I’ve never heard him say before.Preschool artwork

We’ve had a few little reports that he has brought home and he seems to enjoy playing with the trains, cars and books… much as he does at home.
The only problem we seem to have is when it comes to dropping him off, he really clings to me as though he’s never going to see me again. I had a feeling this would happen when I wrote about my nerves about him starting. Already being over emotional with pregnancy hormones, this is not good and has reduced me to tears at least twice. It’s heart breaking to have to tear him off me and walk away from him and he really presses the mummy guilt button, but as soon as the door is closed and I’m out of sight, he stops crying almost immediately, so I know that he’s fine really!

He’s got the summer holidays coming up now, so when he returns in September it can go one of 2 ways. Either he’ll remember what its like to play there and go in fine, or he’ll remember that I’m about to run out on him and make it 10 times worse than it currently is. But I haven’t got to think about that just yet.

We’ve not been given many things that he’s made so far yet, but he did make Liam a fathers day card and then decorated a paper tie for him too so it was nice that his dad got the first thing he brought home. He has also brought home a picture of a teddy bear that he’d coloured in and stuck soft feathers on his tummy and a couple of other pictures that have various things stuck on them so at least I know he is joining in with the activities.sticking

With tomorrow being his last session, he has an end of term party to go to too. As I’m on the committee I will be there to help set up and lay out the food so I’ll get to watch him and see what he gets up too. I’m looking forward to seeing how he interacts with other people when he doesn’t know I’m there (as long as he doesn’t spot me straight away that is) and I can’t wait to see what else he learns when he goes back in September.


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