Dexter develops an imagination.

September 4, 2014

Over the summer Dexter has changed from a baby into a toddler in so many different ways. But this morning I noticed something he’s never done before. We were looking at a book that shows different scenes to teach words and on one of the pages its based on the kitchen so there is some kind of slop cooking away on the hob. He tried to pick up some of the food from the pan and feed it to me.

Of course I pretended to eat it. So he did it again. And again.

And right now? He’s getting his changing mat out along with a nappy, a nappy bag and the wipes. I think he’s trying to tell me something.

Nope… He took a nappy over to teddy. I half expected him to try and put it on him but he got distracted by his drink. I wish I could document him all day long, He’s so amazing to watch. But if I did that, I’d never get to play with him. I love being able to sit back sometimes and just watch him go. I find my self smiling stupidly when he does the most ordinary of tasks. He makes me so proud.imagination

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