Decluttering: Where do I start?

May 2, 2018

Since having Dexter almost 5 years ago, I’ve been hanging on to all manner of baby stuff from clothes to blankets and buggies to weaning books. But we decided ages ago that Bridget will be our last and with her turning one next month, we now have a lot of stuff in storage that we just aren’t ever going to need again. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the various ways in which we can get rid of things such as selling on apps and facebook pages, donating to charity shops and playgroups, gifting to friends and with whats left… perhaps hiring a rubbish removal company. *This is a sponsored post in association with Clearabee – it also contains an affiliate link a the bottom which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase through this link. It just helps me pay for tea bags *


Current state of the bookshelf in the living room!

I’ve always loved the idea of hiring a skip or one of those big bags. How good would it feel to have a total declutter and get rid of so much stuff? I’ll admit, I do like to hold on to stuff for the kids so anything they can do crafts with or that they can pass down, I end up shoving up in the loft but I do wonder what it would be like to be able to close the kitchen junk drawer and not have a pile of clutter on top of my freezer. I dream of the day my worktops are clear, there is space in my cupboards and I can move around in the loft without climbing over stuff.

As it’s spring, I’ve been thinking a lot about having a spring cleaning and how I’d go about it. I’m thinking to start with, I’d tackle one room at a time and separate things into 4 piles – a pile to keep and tidy, a donation pile, for sale, and rubbish removal …If only I had the time between 3 kids, blogging and a part time job!

No matter how many times I sort and tidy this, It is ALWAYS a mess!


Thing is, though, I don’t really have many excuses. It can be done in small chunks and there are ways that make it all so much easier. I’ve heard wonderful things about the Kon Marie method, including this review from Katy which makes me want to buy the book right now (link at the bottom)! And for someone that doesn’t drive, having a charity shop right on my doorstep is a great help, as well as discovering companies like Clearabee for rubbish removal. It means I can just pile it up and not have to worry about trying to transport it anywhere because they will collect your rubbish for you. Let’s face it, nobody likes doing a tip run and getting bin juice in their car!

So what would be your biggest tips for helping someone like me declutter? Someone whose kids seem to attract crappy toys. Someone that lives in a house with no storage cupboards (- no joke, my airing cupboard is the only real cupboard and there is no room in it at all! The boiler is massive!) Someone that keeps things because “I’ll sort that later” or “I might need that one day!” Someone that is so messy, they actually used it as their blog name?!

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