Dearest Bridget, Now You Are One

August 31, 2018
You twisted my melon, man

Bridget, you sweet little thing.

I started writing this for you just before your first birthday but for some reason it sat in my drafts, unpublished. I’m sorry. I know, being the 3rd child, it might seem that you are always left til last but you are no less important or special than your siblings. I promise. x

Recently you have turned one year old and I am sad because I no longer have any babies. You are our last one. You completed our family and now you are growing up. But I’m also excited, you are so different from your brother and sister and despite being my 3rd baby, you are still teaching me things.

Firstly, you are teaching me to trust my instincts more. We haven’t taken you to see a health visitor and when they called to arrange your one year check, I told them we didn’t need it. I don’t need to know where your weight sits on a chart or make sure that you are doing what other babies your age are doing. What I need to know is that you are happy and healthy – and you are.

You’ve also helped me to realise that all kinds of people have all kinds of opinions and that they don’t matter. You made me a fighter. You made me fight for a natural birth against the ‘recommended c section’. You made me argue with Doctors and midwives about my breastmilk being good enough when I was alone in the hospital and feeling vulnerable. And since I’m just so much stronger.

You entered our family in a different way. My pregnancy was hard and I was scared I wouldn’t get to meet you at the end of it. I was terrified that I would lose you.

Once you were here, You barely left my side. In fact, I’ve never even left you with anyone but Liam so far except for the odd 10 minutes on school runs and things.

Baby Led Weaning was a breeze with you, Didge!

This last year has been perfect, having you with us. It’s like you’ve always been here.

With you, we’ve done things a little different. We have totally let you guide us with eating for example. Your baby led weaning journey has been amazing and since your first dinner on Christmas day, you’ve not rejected anything. You absolutely love your vegetables and 9 times out of 10, they are the first things you eat on your plate. Currently, your favourite thing in the world is watermelon. You’ve managed to eat a whole one on your own over the course of a week! You can’t get enough of the stuff.

You toddle around the living room acting like the bigger kids and your balance is amazing. For months now you managed to stand unaided and often would just stand straight up from sitting. You didn’t need to pull yourself up on anything at all.

You’ve had a few unsettled nights lately with teething but aside from that, nothing much phases you. I suppose being the 3rd child,  you just have to fit in, but you do it so well

A happy, smiley Bridget, l
Living her best life in the Oyster3 from Babystyle

At 12 months old….

  • You love your family but you aren’t sure about other people. I guess that’s my fault, having not left you yet but we’ll get there.
  • You currently have 8 cute little teeth that you are happy to show off when you smile and you are possible growing some more in there at the moment.
  • You can shake your head when you disapprove of something. Be it the very idea of having your bum changed or me asking you for a kiss. You are such a funny cheeky thing.
  • You find shoes and attempt to put them on – whoever they belong to!
  • You love it when we crawl around the floor with you and you stop to turn and giggle with us.
  • You can say Cat, assat (whats that) and something that vaguely resembles phone but with now vowels so I’m not sure what that is. you love to talk though and make some super cute sounds.
  • Your first attempt at climbing the stairs, you were straight up there without any hesitation.
  • You love bath time but you don’t sit still at all so I have to be completely on my guard.
  • Yesterday you had your first sit in a paddling pool and loved it sitting in amongst the bigger kids

We have lots of baby toys for you, but you much prefer playing with Dexter and Paisley and the bigger things. You are always eager to get out into the garden with them and can manage the step on your own. In fact most things that you can do, you’ve just sort of got up and done yourself. You wanted to climb the stairs and off you went. You wanted to get outside so you did. You’re now figuring out how to climb on furniture and can get on the garden chairs and are soooo close to getting on the sofa. You manage Paisley’s bed very easily and love crawling around on it.

You’re a super little lady and always so full of smiles.
We love you heaps and can’t wait to see what you’ll try next! Happy belated 1st birthday Bridget Iris.

With Great Nanny and Nanny on her first birthday x

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