Day 6 of the Organix #NoJunk pledge

May 5, 2014

Today has been one of my favourite days this week so far. Breakfast for day 6 was a huge portion of porridge with a whole banana.I accidentally made to much porridge and wanted the ratio of porridge to banana to still be the same. I didn’t expect Dexter to eat even half of it so was very surprised when Liam shouted in that it was all gone.

I then took Dexter for a walk to meet Naomi and Jake and bring them back to ours so that the boys could play. I’d prepped lunch beforehand so I didn’t have to mess about too much. I made the same chicken, squash and brown rice meal that I made the other day as I knew me and Dexter would eat it. I doubled the recipe so that we had enough for 3 adults and the 2 babies. After lunch, we took the boys out on the green for a little play. They had so much fun being allowed to roam free.
photo 1-4

For dinner, me and Liam cheated. Ok, so we didn’t exactly stick to the No Junk rule for this. We had a naughty Chinese. But what is important is that Dexter had one of his roast dinner portions (this time it was roast chicken) followed by a banana. So no junk for him… which is more the 2-4

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