Day 5 of the Organix #NoJunk pledge

May 5, 2014

Our nice, long, bank holiday weekend starts here! With both me and Liam not working weekends, it means we can prepare breakfast together which make s a lovely change.

Pancakes and fruit were in order, especially as I missed out on the ricotta pancakes yesterday.
Liam prepped a pancake mixture while I cut up lots of lovely fresh fruit and then I cooked the pancakes while he took care of the boy. Thats teamwork right there! As you can see, Dexter had lots of fun squishing his!

photo 1-3

photo 2-3

Lunch was chicken, sweet potato and asparagus. Liam substituted his chicken for salmon as it needed using up. After trying smoked salmon on Mothers Day and not liking it at all, I was curious to taste the difference between that and regular salmon so I had a bite… and another. It wasn’t bad I guess. I wouldn’t eat it regularly but I may be tempted to try it more often.


Liam and I had a date night planned for this evening, so first thing this morning we prepped a beef stew and got it going in the slow cooker. Our beef stew is one of Dexter’s favourite meals and he never leaves a scrap. Just before we were due to drop him at my sister’s, I blended up a portion for him to take and sent him with some. He had lots of fun playing with his cousin Caleb while we went home and ate a huge bowl of stew each and then watched a film. There was enough left for 5 extra portions for Dexter too. Bonus!

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