Day 4 of the Organix #NoJunk pledge

May 2, 2014

Day 4, so just over half way through our no junk week…

Breakfast today was nice and simple. Just peanut butter on toast and half a banana for me and the little guy. No song or dance about it, easy peasy. It’s good to have something quick and easy on a Friday morning so that I can leave him to feed himself while I get stuff ready for baby club. He can sit there and eat that while I pick his clothes for the day and sort myself out and then when he’s done its so much easier to get him ready and he has time for a nap before we go off to play with his friends.

I prepped lunch before we went out so that it was ready to make when we got in. Today’s lunch was the courgette, pea and bean frittata. I grated the courgette and left it to drain on a tea towel while we were out at baby club.

photo 1-2While there, we changed our plans and decided to have lunch with Naomi and Jake. I nipped home to grab the ingredients and headed off to Naomi’s to get cooking.

photo 3-1
It served 4 of us easily and we each had a pitta bread with it too. All 4 of us really enjoyed it and it was especially a big hit with Dexter so I will be sure to make this one again. Easy to make, not a lot of cleaning and not many ingredients either. 5 stars for this one.
photo 2-2
The boys had a little play in the living room while we got lunch sorted and had a chat. It makes a nice change to cook in someone else’s kitchen and for someone else’s child. Especially as Naomi is a new friend. As a mother, it’s not very often I get chance to just have a cup of tea and talk so it really made my day. We met at our baby club a while back and our sons are just a few months apart in age. (She was one of the 2 we went to the zoo with, in a previous post.)

I didn’t get a picture of dinner as Liam made it whilst I was at work. He made Ricotta pancakes with poached salmon and eggs. He says they were an interesting alternative to your standard pancakes. Both boys enjoyed them very much from what I can gather and Dexter ‘wolfed them down’. I wouldn’t mind trying them without the salmon… I’m not really in to fish but the rest sounds nice.

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