Day 3 of the Organix #NoJunk pledge

May 2, 2014

If you aren’t sure what the Organix NoJunk challenge is…  where have you been? It’s day 3 already! (links below for the other days)

Todays breakfast was porridge again. I know we’re repeating porridge but its a very good ‘go-to’ breakfast in terms of ease to prepare, healthy eating and the many ways you can change it up just by adding something different to it. Personally I love it smothered in sugar which is most certainly not good but this challenge is certainly making me think about other things to add to it. Today was fruit compote which effectively was just pureed apple, pear and blueberries. As always, this went down rather well.

Lunch wasn’t what we planned… I’d left the freezer ever so slightly ajar and as a result, 4 of his meals we’d previously already made had started to defrost. I had to throw 3 away but one of them was still mostly frozen  so we had that one for lunch as I didn’t want to refreeze it. That was the squash, chicken and rice that we’d had the day before and he followed it with some banana.

For dinner, Liam served up a roast portion that had been frozen from the weekend. It was roast pork with potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas and Yorkshire pudding. This ALWAYS goes down well. So well in fact that whenever we have a roast of any kind, we make enough to serve us all that day and then about 9 more portions for Dexter for the freezer. And they are such a good way to get lots of veg in one meal.

So that was our day 3… How are you all getting on with yours?

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