Day 2 of the Organix #NoJunk pledge

April 30, 2014

Ok, So technically, we should be on day 3 but we started a day late. (I’ll put the link to day one at the bottom if you need to catch up…)

I learnt something I never knew this morning while preparing our breakfast. Figs are very sticky.
Following the meal planner we downloaded from the Organix website, today’s breakfast was a simple banana and fig porridge. It was really easy to make, just make the porridge however you normally would add half a finely chopped fig and half a mashed banana. Obviously, this is easier to make for 2 people so you don’t have half leftovers. Mix them into the porridge and voila!
I did try and take a picture but discovered there’s no easy way of making porridge look more glamorous than slop in a bowl!

Lunch was delicious. I had my sister round for a visit so I doubled the recipe so we both got a decent sized adult portion and Dexter had one portion for lunch and 2 for the freezer.  We had slightly spiced squash and chicken with brown rice. You can find the recipe here. Now, I’m a bit of a salt fiend and add salt to almost everything I eat. I know shouldn’t and I’m trying to cut down but it is a really hard habit to break. However, this recipe didn’t need it. I’m going to add the recipe to my husband’s recipe book if he’ll let me because it’s definitely something I would cook and eat again. My sister and Dexter both enjoyed it too. (although Dexter did that annoying thing kids do and decided halfway through that he would rather play with his food than eat it)

Dinner was the same as yesterday. We were going to do something with chickpeas until I discovered I hadn’t ordered the chickpeas, so Liam reheated one of the yesterdays extra portions of squash and beef stew. (Liam is in charge of the evening meal as he finishes work as I start so we switch roles.)

So ok, we’ve repeated stuff and so far have used a fair old bit of squash, but overall, the #NoJunk challenge is going very well and at least all of our meals so far have been homemade.

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