Day 1 of the Organix #NoJunk pledge

April 29, 2014

Ok, so all of this week, Organix are campaigning to get more people eating healthier food by only using ingredients that we know or can pronounce. You can read about it here. 
I’m always on the lookout for healthy and exciting meal ideas for our little one and us as a family so taking the #NoJunk pledge just seemed an obvious thing to do. If you have a browse around their site, they have a page where you can set up a personal meal planner depending on your child’s age, dietary requirements etc. You can find the recipes for all of the meals on their site too which makes it even handier.
So, armed with my meal planner, I looked up a week’s worth of recipes and ordered my Tesco shop.

Our shopping was ordered for Tuesday morning delivery so for Monday, we just ate what we normally would. I figured I’d just start a day late. Better late than never hey?

So Tuesday is here and we’ve started our #NoJunk week.
This morning for breakfast, Dexter had porridge with fruit compote. For the compote, I already had some frozen ice cubes of apple and pear puree and some frozen blueberries so I defrosted 2 cubes and about 8 blueberries and blended it all together. I put one spoonful into his porridge and then the rest I put back in the freezer for another day.nojunk

By the time our shopping had arrived it was too late to do his lunch recipe (It takes 2 hours for the squash to cook) so we made salsa and cheese pinwheel wraps and served it with some slices of yellow pepper and some raspberries. These are so easy to make and they’re Dexter’s favourites. You can use normal bread with the crusts cut off (to make it easier to roll) and you can change the cheese to cheese spread if you want depending on what you have in. This is one recipe I’m going to include in the #NoJunk Challenge Blog Hop


Today’s dinner will be butternut squash stew with minced beef. I’ve just finished making it now and refrigerated it for later so his dad can feed him that while I’m at work. I know he likes it because I’ve just given him a little taster. The good thing about these recipes is that there was enough to freeze them into portions so we know he’ll have a range of decent meals in stock. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this week goes.
If you haven’t signed up for the challenge yet, make sure you do. I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m glad I’ve found it. What recipes will you be trying?


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